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Genocidio Por Aguja

The article below details the horrific reality that I wish were not true. The Natural Solutions Foundation has been saying for quite some time that we see clear evidence of a genocidal intention in the overblown, clearly intentional Swine Flu “Pandemic”.

When WHO moved the “Pandemic” from Level 4 to Level 5 the disease was so mild and inconsequential that they literally had to change the definition of a Pandemic at Level 5, leaving out the words “with the ability to cause serious illness and death” from the definition because it did not and could not.

We believe that this must have been a great disappointment to the folks at the WHO who have been both predicting and involved with genetically engineering one failed pandemic after another. But WHO, you will remember, believes in a “sustainable planet” and that sustainability (favor them, not us, of course) means that they believe, too, that 90% of the world’s population needs to die.
They do not much care how we die as long as we do it on demand and they manage to squeeze out a good dollop of profit as we do so. Some of us, however, will die because we are never born.

That, too, is part of the genocidal plan. You may recall that we reported some time back that we had seen official WHO documents from 1985 stating that the real purpose of the current vaccination program taking place in Africa at that time was not disease control (they know perfectly well that vaccines are hokum, without a shred of valid scientific evidence behind them) or prevention, but the dissemination of materials which cause infertility in the women into whom it is injected.

At that time, they were using vaccines with strong response patterns laced with Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG), a reproductive hormone (a glycoprotein, by the way – that figures into this true horror story a little later on). When you train the immune system through injecting it with adjuvants to “break tolerance” or attack the molecules as “not me” that it normally recognizes as “me”, if you prime it properly, you can create an immune intolerance to the hormones or other molecules of your own body.

In this case, and the same system has been used against untold millions (billions?) of women in many third world countries all over the world, the body attacks every molecule of HCG it encounters after that.
The problem is that without HCG, the uterus cannot retain the embryo, or the fetus and it will expel the future baby if she were pregnant at the time of the injection. If she were not pregnant, she will never again become a mother.
Her body now destroys the very hormone without which she cannot sustain a pregnancy. This damage is irreversible.
But not universal. Apparently, that is the problem: there are still a few people whose immune response is not sufficient to destroy all of their fertility. So now we move, in the march of mad science, propelled by forces of such deep inhumanity that it is difficulty to confront them with clear, calm eyes, to another infertility system.

In 1998 a Patent Application was made for a system which uses a person’s own immune system to render them permanently infertile, sterile, unable to have children. The system is irreversible, once injected.

Knowing that:

- Both Novartis and GSK vaccines “against” the trivial Swine Flu both contain 1 million times more squalene than the devastatingly dangerous Vaccine A which crippled and killed so many Gulf War I military personnel (See Squalene: Be Very Afraid Part I, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3592)

- Even a few molecules of squalene injected into the body causes it to “break tolerance” and attack the body’s own molecules to which it is now trained for attack, including the body’s own squalene, a vital component of the Central Nervous System (which accounts for the profound and cataclysmic neurological symptoms of squalene injection

- The WHO, UN and US governments agree on the “need” to reduce population to only 10% of its current levels
- When the WHO declared a Level 6 Pandemic on June 11, offical control of the political and health functions of all 194 countries in the WHO passed to that body, per an agreement signed in 2005 which took effect in 2007

- The haste with which this Level 6 Pandemic was declared makes it clear that the agenda was agreed to whether or not the genetically engineered virus did its job

- FDA/CDC has said that the $1/2 billion stock pile of injectable squalene adjuvant which the US Government admitted it was stock piling will be used to add the squalene to the bodies of people receiving the vaccines which do NOT have adjuvants in them at the time of injection

- The patents for a glycoprotein-containing, squalene adjuvanted H1N1 vaccine were filed in 2007 and 2008 by Novartis, Baxter International and GSK despite the fact that the virus did not yet officially exist, there had never been approval of a squalene adjuvanted vaccine and use of squalene in mass vaccines was illegal through the permanent restraining order of Judge Emmett Sullivan and through the fact that squalene was forbidden to even be tested in the US.

The investment of billions of dollars into the development of these vaccines for a virus that did not yet exist, using substances which had never been approved for use in vaccines by 3 separate companies, allegedly competitors in the vaccine industry, is worthy of note all by itself

- The most vulnerable members of society, children and pregnant women, will be vaccinated first.

Now you know what the game is. Since the goal is infertility, what better target population could you choose? With one fell swoop of a needle, a whole generation of “useless eaters” is wiped off the map 

– the next one while this one is too sick to make much trouble and you clean up like the bandit that you are, if, of course, you are Big Pharma and the global genocidalists!
So now we have mandates for “Influenza vaccines” which are designed to roll the “Swine Flu” up under them.

Understand clearly that although your State may offer you exemptions for philosophical, religious or medical reasons, there is every liklihood that there will be NO pandemic vaccination exemptions. The way the federal and state regulations are reading right now, that is the situation. The confusers really do want you to feel

- All vaccinations will be voluntary for the pandemic flu. This is true if by voluntary you really mean “under duress and pain of incarceration, fine and imprisonment.”

- Conventional exemptions will hold for the pandemic flu. This is not true. The pandemic vaccine is governed by separate regulations and laws which do not allow for exemptions.

- Parents will be given the choice of whether to vaccinate their children and themselves or not. This is utterly false unless we take back our freedom to make these decisions for ourselves and our children.
Experimental medical procedures are never carried out on the most vulnerable and defenseless first, not until now, that is.
As an aside, do you suppose that President Obama’s children will get the same vaccine that yours and mine will? How would we know? How about the President himself, who bravely agreed to wait until near the bottom of the list.
How courageous and public spirited. I will be happy to join him below the bottom of the list and, if all of us have any sense at all, we will all do so by making it abundantly clear to our legislators that this WILL not happen. That is the purpose of the action item, 


So far more than 2,222,940 of your emails have reached the legislative and decision making desks of this country. These people need to hear that the deception is broken, like immune tolerance when adjuvants are injected.

We want the right to determine what happens to our bodies. We will not be sickened and die for the depopulationists. We will not be made infertile for the neo-aristocrats.

We will not be brought into slavery through a diabolical brew in a syringe of illness, infertility and death..
Now, please read the following article and share it widely while you take the time and effort to mobilize every single person you can reach to help mobilize the groundswell to make it impossible for the vaccine effort to go forward as intended.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

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