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Guerra por el Alma de EE.UU

September 30, 2009
Obama Prepares For “Fortress America” As Battle For “Soul” Of US Intensifies
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A shocking Ministry of Foreign Affairs report delivered to Prime Minister Putin today is warning that the United States is now “standing on the brink” of “open warfare” as the divide among its already fractured citizens is being exploited by the New World Order Globalists seeking to destroy the US by totally collapsing its economy and forcing from power President Obama whom they have labeled as their most “ferocious enemy”.
So dire has the situation in the United States become that one of their top Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, Thomas Friedman, is now warning that the situation in his country has deteriorated to a level exactly as what had occurred in Israel during the tumultuous year of 1995 which saw the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin at the hands of right-wing zealots intent upon Global war and which he fears America is now headed towards too.
The influential Christian Science Monitor News Service further warns in its report titled “Facebook poll on killing Obama sign of antigovernment anger” that:
“Not only has Mr. Obama faced a wave of threats to his safety since early in his presidential campaign and continuing into his presidency, but the federal government also now faces a resurgence of the so-called militia movement, according to organizations that track hate groups.”
Further fueling the vitriolic anger of the right-wing Globalist forces against Obama are the almost daily reports that the new American President is fast becoming an object of worship among large numbers of US citizens, including church congregations that are now praying to him and school children being taught to praise him as a “great leader”.
What the great masses of Americans are failing to understand about Obama, this report says, is that the “unwanted and unsolicited” praise being heaped upon him is a “known societal outcome” of a charismatic leader coming to power during times of epoch changing events and who dares to fight against the entrenched power blocs for the survival of their Nation, and include two of the most popular and powerful US Presidents, Abraham Lincoln, who guided his people through their catastrophic Civil War, and Franklin Roosevelt, who protected his citizens during the Great Depression and through the cataclysmic events of World War II.
Like Obama is facing today, both Lincoln and Roosevelt were also “objects” of both great affection and great hatred, with Lincoln paying the “ultimate sacrifice” upon his assassination, and Roosevelt who survived an assassination attempt and the 1933 right-wing coup plot that sought to remove him from power and put into place a Nazi aligned dictatorship over the American people.  
Most astoundingly about the titanic events occurring in America is the divide being forced among their citizens over the right to health care, and which the US Campaign Media Analysis Group is now reporting that the right-wing Globalist forces arrayed against Obama have spent over $100 Million in advertisements alone to see the US Presidents plan to protect his people destroyed.
And what makes the American peoples anger against Obama even more absurd over this health care issue is their failure to even notice that while their economy remains the most powerful in the World, their health care system ranks 37th, which places them between Costa Rica at 36th and Slovenia at 38th, while at the same time their private insurance giants rake in billions of profits utilizing a scheme that a former head of corporate communications for US insurance giant CIGNA, Wendell Potter, testified about before Congress saying that these insurance giants “make money by avoiding as much risk as possible and ducking people who are sick. They delay and deny care. They rescind policies. If people who have paid premiums for years have high insurance bills, they will use any reason they can find to cancel their policies.”
Even more critically, this report continues, is Obama’s “facing down” the power these right-wing Globalists wield through their private bank known as the US Federal Reserve System, and which World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick has just warned that the American public and US Congress not to give more power to these “independent and powerful technocrats” and regain the right to their own money through the US Treasury.
So dire has this battle become between Obama and these right-wing Globalists that Jim Rickards, director of market intelligence for scientific consulting firm Omnis, has just issued a warning that the US Federal Reserve System is preparing to collapse the US Dollar through the systematic raising of interest rates that in an economy where there are 6 American workers seeking jobs for every 1 opening, and the US Business Roundtable is reporting that over 40% of American companies are preparing to cut more jobs in the next six months, the dire warning issued by the influential Bloomberg News Service that the United States is now in a ‘Fall of Rome Scenario’ should shake these peoples to their very core.
Most interestingly in this report are the GRU assertions that Obama is preparing to create a new “Fortress America” to protect his people from both the right-wing Globalists and their “chosen” 21st Century “superpower” China whose growing military might they intend to use to bring the West to heel, especially the United States who the Chinese are currently embroiled in open economic warfare with over the last remaining sources of mineral, gas and oil resources on our Planet both of these Nations need if they are to survive.
The GRU points out in this report that by Obama’s launching of a trade war with China by restricting steel and tire imports into the United States, the American President is now moving against the Chinese militarily by signing a new defense pact with Panama which will allow US Naval Forces to retake two Navy Bases in this critical Central American Nation to counter the “beachhead” China established after the 1977 treaty signed by the Globalist US President Jimmy Carter where the US gave up their rights to the critical for World trade Panama Canal.  
Even more importantly, the GRU continues in this report, Obama is now reported to be in a “deadly face-off” with the right-wing Globalist faction in his country called the Military Industrial Complex (a term coined by US President Dwight Eisenhower who upon leaving office in 1961 warned his Nation that unless the power of this faction was broken the United States would be destroyed).
Not since President John F. Kennedy confronted this Military Industrial faction during the early 1960’s by his refusal to expand the war in Vietnam has any American leader dared oppose the “black power” of these Globalist forces, but which Obama is now doing by his intention to scale back the US Military presence in Afghanistan.
More ominously however, this report warns, Obama has just ordered nearly 4,000 battle-hardened US Soldiers to “immediately” return to the United States from their bases in Iraq in a move to shore up his strength before the cataclysmic events of late October and early November begin to convulse the United States as the “fight for this Nations soul” brings it to the brink of collapse.
To the chances of the American people awakening from their deep slumber to see the truth of what is happening to them before all is lost there appears to be no evidence.  In fact, and sadly, the exact opposite is now occurring among these witless peoples who are continuing to allow their emotions to be manipulated by their propaganda media towards an end which, unless they awaken, and fast, will see them enslaved to their right-wing Globalist corporate masters their forefathers long warned them about.
The great American Revolutionary War leader, and their first President, George Washington, once warned these people that “The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.”
Now 233 years after these words were spoken, and with the fate of the United States once again hanging in the balance, these words echo across time to the Americans of today. Too how many of them will hear them though rests the fate of our World.

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Hitler Llego a America Con su Bomba

September 28, 2009
New Reports Confirm Hitler Secreted To US With Nazi German Atomic Bomb
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

New research done by American scientists on the purported remains of Adolph Hitler found outside of his Berlin bunker are confirming “deep” Soviet KGB-GRU files that have always stated that the German Nazi leader instead of having committed suicide with his wife, Eva Braun, both were “secreted” to the United States along with top Nazi scientists in exchange for the Americans receiving Germany’s newly completed atomic bomb.
According to new reports, American archaeologist and bone specialist researcher Nick Bellantoni was allowed by Russia to conduct modern forensic tests on the skull fragment said to have belonged to Hitler and pierced by a bullet-hole said to have ended his life. Upon Bellantoni’s testing of this skull fragment at the University of Connecticut however it was found to have belonged to “a woman under 40 and not Hitler”, who was 56 when he supposedly died.
Soviet era files complied by both the KGB and GRU on the last days of Hitler’s rule over Germany state that during the last days of the Battle of Berlin (one of the bloodiest battles in all of human history and the final major offensive of the European Theatre of World War II), Hitler, his wife Eva Braun, and selected members of his personal staff were secreted out of Berlin in early April, 1945 to meet with US General George Patton where a secret armistice was signed between the Nazi Germans and the United States granting “total amnesty” for Hitler, his entourage, and top German scientists in exchange for the Americans receiving from the Nazis their just completed atomic bomb, V-2 rocket [photo 3rd left] and jet aircraft technology.
The American President, Franklin Roosevelt, upon his hearing of this secret armistice was reported to have become enraged and threatened to force the resignations of all of his top military commanders, but was prevented from doing so by his assassination by Nazi agents on April 12, 1945 by order of US General Dwight Eisenhower who feared the complete decimation of his troops should Hitler carry out his threat to us the Nazi atomic bomb against allied forces.
Upon Roosevelt’s death he was succeeded to the US Presidency by Harry Truman who “immediately” approved the secret armistice and authorized General Patton and US Army Air Forces Lieutenant General Jimmy Doolittle to “evacuate and accompany” Hitler and his entourage from Germany in late May, 1945, to one of their most secret bases located in Roswell, New Mexico, named Walker Air Force Base, and one of the largest German prisoner of war camps in the United States where the Nazi leader was held until the Americans were able to assure the Nazi leader fulfilled the terms of the armistice he had signed.
After General’s Patton and Doolittle “delivered” Hitler and his entourage to Walker Air Force Base they made a rare joint appearance in Los Angeles where they were cheered by a crowd estimated to be over 100,000 and where Patton was reported to have said, “We now have the power of God in our grasp”.
Truman echoed Patton’s sentiment about his countries gaining of Germany’s atomic bomb by writing in his diary “We have discovered the most terrible bomb in the history of the world. It may be the fire destruction prophesied in the Euphrates Valley Era, after Noah and his fabulous Ark” and wasted no time in deploying them when on August 6th and 9th of 1945 he ordered them dropped on the Japanese cities of  Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union's Central Committee, Joseph Stalin, upon his hearing of the secret armistice signed between Hitler and the US, confronted Truman at the post-war Potsdam Conference whereupon the American President “assured” the Soviet leader that the Americans would “share” Nazi Germany’s technology with the Russians in exchange for their, the Russians, declaring war on Japan, which they did on August 8, 1945, two days after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
Truman further promised Stalin that the Americans had “no objections” to Soviet Russia putting all of Eastern Europe under their “sphere of influence” in exchange for Stalin keeping from his people the secrete armistice and which became known as the Iron Curtain.  
General Patton, these reports continue, was so “vehemently” against what he called “Truman’s selling out to the Commies” he began preparing his troops for an assault upon Soviet forces in occupied Germany but was never able to carry out his plans after Truman ordered his assassination in December, 1945.
With Roosevelt and Patton dead, and Stalin “contained”, the US Office of Strategic Services, Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (OSS) (JIOA) were ordered by Truman to begin fulfilling the Americans commitments made to Hitler in the secret armistice by launching Operation Paperclip which secreted into the United States most of the highest level Nazi leadership and scientific establishment, including what is, without doubt, one of the most important scientists of his time, Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun [photo 4th left with high Nazi command officials] and “father” of Nazi Germany’s atomic bomb and V-2 rocket technology.
By early 1946, and with the United States “satisfied” that all of the agreements contained in the secret armistice with Nazi Germany were fulfilled, Truman ordered the repatriation of Hitler and his entourage, to their “New Berlin” on the continent of Antarctica, and which German Navy Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz talked about in 1943 by saying, “The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress.”
In 1947, however, Truman became “deeply disturbed” over reports coming from “New Berlin” that Hitler and his Nazi forces were not only reconstituting their military might, but were also “working in league” with “ancient forces beyond our present understanding” and ordered an “immediate attack” upon the Nazis Antarctica “Shangri-La fortress”.
And so began the most mysterious battle of the 1940’s, including all of those fought in World War II, when US Navy Admiral Richard E. Byrd led an estimated 4,000 military troops from the US, Britain and Australia in an invasion of Nazi Germany’s Antarctica “New Berlin” called “Operation Highjump”, but which resulted in a crushing defeat of these forces at the hands of “new” Nazi technology, especially their V-7 “flying saucer” aircraft that Byrd was quoted as warning “could fly pole-to-pole at incredible speeds”.
Important to note that Admiral Byrd was deliberately chosen by Truman and America’s top Military leadership to undertake Operation Highjump due to his extensive knowledge of the “mysteries” hiding inside our Earth, and which we can glimpse from his log entries during his February 19, 1947 flight over the northern most reaches of our Earth:
1000 Hours- We are crossing over the small mountain range and still proceeding northward as best as can be ascertained. Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a valley with a small river or stream running through the center portion. There should be no green valley below! Something is definitely wrong and abnormal here! We should be over ice and snow! To the portside are great forests growing on the mountain slopes. Our navigation instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating back and forth!
1005 Hours- I alter altitude to 1400 feet and execute a sharp left turn to better examine the valley below. It is green with either moss or a type of tight knit grass. The light here seems different. I cannot see the Sun anymore. We make another left turn and we spot what seems to be a large animal of some kind below us. It appears to be an elephant! NO!!! It looks more like a mammoth! This is incredible! Yet, there it is! Decrease altitude to 1000 feet and take binoculars to better examine the animal. It is confirmed -it is definitely a mammoth-like animal! Report this to base camp.
1030 Hours- Encountering more rolling green hills now. The external temperature indicator reads 74 degrees Fahrenheit! Continuing on our heading now. Navigation instruments seem normal now. I am puzzled over their actions. Attempt to contact base camp. Radio is not functioning!
1130 Hours- Countryside below is more level and normal (if I may use that word). Ahead we spot what seems to be a city!!!! This is impossible! Aircraft seems light and oddly buoyant. The controls refuse to respond!! My GOD!!! Off our port and starboard wings are a strange type of aircraft. They are closing rapidly alongside! They are disc-shaped and have a radiant quality to them. They are close enough now to see the markings on them. It is a type of Swastika!!! This is fantastic. Where are we! What has happened. I tug at the controls again. They will not respond!!!! We are caught in an invisible vice grip of some type!
1135 Hours- Our radio crackles and a voice comes through in English with what perhaps is a slight Nordic or Germanic accent! The message is: 'Welcome, Admiral, to our domain. We shall land you in exactly seven minutes! Relax, Admiral, you are in good hands.' I note the engines of our plane have stopped running! The aircraft is under some strange control and is now turning itself. The controls are useless.
After Admiral Boyd’s crushing defeat by the Nazis fortified in their “New Berlin”, Hitler then ordered a retaliatory strike upon the United States and targeting his “former home away from” in Roswell, New Mexico, Walker Air Force Base, and which has become to known as the “Roswell Incident” after two of the Nazi Germany V-7 “saucer craft” were fired upon and downed by US Army Air Forces.
Since those titanic events in 1947 there has remained an “uneasy” truce between “New Berlin” and the current powers of the World but which Russian leaders, including Putin and Medvedev, know all to well are about to break into open warfare as the “new” Third Reich gains Global supremacy, once again, this time through its present vassal state, the United States of America.
The last American leader who set out to destroy this diabolical cabal between Nazi Germany and the United States was their first Secretary of Defense, James Vincent Forrestal, who upon his learning of the whole truth, and threatening to divulge it his fellow Americans, was summarily dismissed from his office by Truman on March 28, 1949, forced into Bethesda Naval Hospital, and then “suicided” as a “warning” to any others seeking to follow him on May 22nd.
To the current actions of “New Berlin” against our World we can see from Iranian reports where this past week one of their “saucer craft” were downed by Iranian forces, and as we can read as reported by Iran’s official news service:
“Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has targeted and downed an unidentified shining object after sighting it over Persian Gulf waters.
“Glowing objects were sighted over the Persian Gulf. IRGC air defense targeted one of the objects successfully, forcing it to plummet and sink in the seas off Boushehr (Province),” said top regional commander, Brigadier Ali Razmjou.
“The three bright objects were detected by our radars when flying over the Persian Gulf Islands of Khark and Khargou," he added, according to a Monday report posted on IRNA.”
For their downing of one of these Nazi “saucer crafts”, Iran, of course, drew the immediate ire of the Americans whose President Obama then announced the “discovery” of a secret Iranian nuclear facility that, in fact, Iran had reported exactly as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty there are signatories to over18-months ago to the United Nations.
Important also to note about the Iranian downing of one of these Nazi “saucer crafts” is that their destination was Afghanistan, which besides the two poles of our Planet has the only other “entrance” to the “Inner Earth” and which is revered by the Nazis and their followers as the birth place of their Aryan (The word Aryan comes from the Sanskrit ārya meaning dignified person or of noble birth) “master race” who they believe by right should rule our World and all of its peoples.
It goes without our saying that the reporting of these true things will be met with much derision and mocking by those whom have lived their lives surrounded by lies of not only their own history, but the much more important history of the ancients, and who if listened to now can, indeed, protect them from the many horrors to come.
One can clearly see that these peoples of today, and just as prophesized, if taken back in time, would also mock and deride the ancient Father Noah, who when “all was well” and “the skies clear” built for the protection of all who would listen protection from the Global flood to come.

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El Evento en Australia

NEXUS Magazine
April - May 1997
PART 1 of 6
My research into this subject began about two years ago in early 1995. A geologist colleague and friend, John Watts of geo-science consultants Mackay & Schnellman and Associates, asked for my opinion of earthquake risk in an isolated area of the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. John knew of my long experience in the region, conducting geological and geophysical field exploration surveys there for gold mineralization - hence the approach to myself for scientific advice.


Whilst visiting a small underground gold mine John Watts had noticed a "Kalgoorlie Miner" newspaper article dated 1-06-93 attached to the barracks kitchen fridge door. This reported that on 28-05-93 at 23.03 hrs. a meteor fireball was seen by several observers flying from south to north between Leonora and Laverton. This was immediately followed by a significant 3.9 Richter scale earthquake - picked up by 23 seismic receivers around Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Ed Paul - a geophysicist at the A.G.S.O. Mundaring Seismic Observatory near Perth - had received several telephone calls from the public, has had the Laverton Police. Ed had reasoned that there was a possible connection between the meteor fireball and the quake due to an impact with the ground.

The small gold mine (the Alycia Mine) had experienced this quake event as underground 3 inch steel pipes sheared clean in half and collapsed underground drives and shafts. My friend John has done a considerable amount of earthquake risk assessment during his consulting career and thought that this damage pattern was more like instantaneous blast damage - as is normally caused by nuclear explosions - rather than standard earthquake damage. The key to this was the underground damage and its style when compared to the more normal quake mine damage - usually limited to surface building collapse caused by quake induced seismic ground waves.
Many observers reported that the fireball passed over making a pulsed roaring noise, similar to a very loud road train diesel engine, and that after the seismic wave hit they heard a huge long drawn out explosion - similar to a very major, but long drawn out, mine blast - but somehow peculiarly different.
At the time we reasoned that Ed Paul was probably correct and that a meteor fireball (a bolide) could have impacted explosively into the ground and caused the apparent "earthquake" by impact, or by airburst explosion shock wave induction. This area has no record of quakes since West Australian seismograph's were first installed in 1900, nor Aboriginal racial memory of same.
As such an impact is a major geological curiosity, often observed in the Recent geological record, but rarely recorded as occurring in human history, we decided to embark upon a private research project to document the event - leading, we hoped, to scientific fame and glory.
We did not then appreciate just where this research work and interest would lead to .......
I visited the area in May and June 1995 and began to interview, by personal visit or telephone, the inhabitants of a three hundred kilometer radius area - centered upon Laverton. This Eastern Goldfields region of W.A. is a semi-desert and very isolated with an extremely low population density.

Click map to enlarge
It contains several very large sheep stations ("ranches"), a couple of small gold mining towns (Leonora and Laverton), plus several isolated gold mine sites, a few gravel or dirt roads, a lot of thick mulga bush and gum tree scrub vegetation, with some sand dune fields and spinifex "grass" cover.
Each sheep station covers an area the size of the London "Home Counties" combined, and the area of the investigation is roughly equivalent to that of England.
I hired a light plane to visit outlying stations and Aboriginal settlements searching for eyewitnesses, and then to search for "ground zero" - this took some three weeks. A summary of all currently available witness data follows :-
A large orange red spherical "fireball" with a very small bluish white conical tail had flown from low down in the south over observers travelling to the north. Some observers reported that the fireball was cylindrical in form and more yellow-blue-white in color. It was heard as a pulsed roaring or loud diesel engine sound - well BEFORE it arrived, it dropped off no glowing fragments, and had no long luminous tail or sparks - as is common meteor activity.
Its speed was similar to a 747 jet liner or a fast jet plane and obviously less than the speed of sound since loud noises were heard before the "object" arrived.
The sounds heard before it arrived were most definitely NOT "normal" electrophonic sounds as have been quite commonly reported from historical meteor fireball events - (Such electrophonic sounds are experienced as weird "pings" and "whees" of low volume intensity and are not fully understood at this time, but are believed to be due to hertzian E/M waves produced in the bolide plasma trail and propagated at the speed of light to the observer - in advance of the bolide. These E/M waves are thought to harmonically couple with the inner ear, or to cause nearby objects to vibrate sympathetically thus producing the observed low volume sounds).
No sonic booms were reported, and no observer believed that any explosion was heard until the "object" got to ground level - or very nearly so (behind low hills or tree line cover) - and exploded/or impacted.
It flew apparently parallel to the Earth's curvature in a long "nap of the Earth" arcing trajectory at low altitude (some 1-2000 meters ?) from low down on the southern horizon, not with a "normal" meteor inbound high angle high altitude trajectory. The fireball lit up some observers and their vicinity as it passed overhead. It's flight trajectory was observed over a distance of least 250 km. (although it probably had a much longer flight path from well out over the Antarctic Ocean). It then appeared to arc down towards the ground and disappeared out of sight behind trees or low hills.
This was followed by a near blinding massive high energy burst of blue-white light that rippled for about 3-5 seconds. This lit up the night (windless, cloudless, and moonless) sky as if daylight. Observers could see for + 100 km. in every direction at ground level - "AS CLEAR AS DAY". The energy intensity involved in this light flash was similar to the light flash generated by a significant nuclear blast, and in many respects the incident strongly resembled a night time nuclear test.
A huge red colored flare then shot vertically skywards for some considerable distance (several kilometers ?), and this was immediately followed by a massive seismic ground wave that hit the observers nearest to "ground zero" such that rocks and beer cans vibrated off of tables and the ground shook violently so that persons tending a camp fire fell over.
A very loud major explosive blast then followed that was heard over a 250 km x 150 km corridor, minor quake damage was reported as far as 150 km southeast of the "ground zero" - the other directions (excepting Leonora to the southwest) being largely uninhabited. One engineer situated that night in Laverton, with Gulf war experience of missiles and aircraft breaking the sound barrier, described it as "definitely a major explosive concussion wave blast (not a sonic boom) - similar to, but MUCH bigger than, a normal open pit mine blast".
A large deep red-orange colored hemisphere of opaque light with a silver outer shell lining then rose from ground level to hover around over the "ground zero location". This structure when fully developed was approximately three times the size of a typical Goldfields setting Moon as seen by observers located 30-50km from it - (i.e. it was very big), and it "bobbed around a bit for NEARLY TWO HOURS, before disappearing suddenly - as if someone threw the light switch off".
This "half soup plate structure " (looking like a "deep red very large and half set Sun") was seen by two observers from widely separated locations, one at the Banjawarn station buildings, and one at the Deleta station buildings.
Dogs at both locations went totally berserk whining and howling and attempting to get off their leads - whilst the aerial light hemisphere was up; presumably there was an ultra-sonic or vlf E/M wave propagation that the dogs were extremely sensitive to.
Aboriginal prospectors who were camped very near to ground zero at the Freeman's Find gold prospect were extremely spooked by the event believing that it was "the end of the world"...... Some of them thought that they had witnessed a "jumbo jet" crash behind a range of low hills. They gathered their swags (bed rolls) close together - as they were too scared to sleep apart. In the morning they climbed a hill to look for fires in the distance but could see no smoke. They quickly departed the area for the safety of Leonora.
One Aboriginal stockman observer located at the Banjawarn station buildings believed that he was witnessing a fairly slow moving "UFO" and became very worried that they were going to land and abduct him and his two companions - since it flew directly at him and then passed very noisily low overhead - going into it's final downwards arcing plunge .....
Almost exactly one hour after the first big event three observers (located at the Banjawarn station buildings) also saw a second much smaller fireball - more blue-green-white in color, which appeared to rise from ground level ?, but which definitely rose from behind distant trees well south of the station perimeter, and flew to the north in a high mortar shell type arc before coming down to ground level, behind distant bush. It's flight path was divergent to the north northeast when compared to that of the first major "fireball" event of that night.
This later event then created a second but very small explosion and concomitant minor ground shake - similar to the first event, but much smaller in size, and with no resultant rising hemisphere of opaque light. Another observer also reported seeing parts of this second event - a prospector located north of the Mulga Queen Aboriginal settlement. This second event does not appear to have been of a magnitude sufficient to register on A.G.S.O. seismographs.
Analysis of the best A.G.S.O. seismic records by U.S.G.S. energy conversion equations suggest that the energy involved in the first main event quake was probably of the order of 1 - 2 kilo-tonnes of TNT equivalent. The blast itself was probably bigger as not all such explosive energy is transmitted efficiently into the ground and along the Earth wave path to the seismograph observatories.
The main fireball eyewitness "explosion ground zero" was located near to the northern edge of Banjawarn station, whereas the calculated A.G.S.O. quake epicenter fix was close to the southern perimeter of Banjawarn station, the difference apparently reflecting the difficulties involved in calculating accurate quake epicenters from remote seismograph locations.
In spite of the finally excellent eye-witness "ground zero impact" cross fixes, a considerable time in the air in a Cessna 172 failed to find any crater or ground anomaly of any kind there or anywhere else in a 300km diameter search area. Ground and air examination of the nearby Celia fault-lineament could find no evidence of any movement on this structure.
Banjawarn is arguably the most isolated station area in the Eastern Goldfields region of W.A.
This sheep station, had achieved notoriety since it was purchased the same year (1993) by the Japanese AUM "Supreme Truth" sect - of 1995 Tokyo Subway gas attack fame. Research soon showed that a Japanese AUM "Supreme Truth" Sect representative (Deputy Leader Hayakawa) had been inspecting "for sale" sheep stations around and including Banjawarn in early April 1993.
Hayakawa had initiated purchase procedure for Banjawarn in late April 1993 desiring to "conduct experiments there for the benefit of mankind". The station actually changed hands when papers were signed and a bankers cheque was provided on the 1st of June - only three days after the fireball event. However the agreement re sale to the AUM was completed on the 23rd. of April 93 - some 35 days prior to the fireball event.
As the 28-05-93 event did not appear to fit any normal meteor impact scenario we began to joke that the AUM sect had probably sent a cruise missile with a pulse jet engine and detonated a nuclear weapon on the uninhabited desert fringe immediately north of Banjawarn station.......
Meteors usually travel at very hyper-velocities >25,000 m.p.h. and do not fly "nap of the earth" low level (1000 meters altitude) trajectories, plus they usually have long luminous tails, and drop off fragments, and are not documented as triggering earthquakes.
Pressure changes due to storms (or possibly pressure waves created by a meteor flypast ???) are known to trigger quakes in stressed plate regions of the crust, but this region can hardly be assigned a high stress fault signature - given the total lack of such quake events in it's known human history - it is a very stable Archaean Age cratonic shield area - with the nearest location demonstrating quake activity being located in the Fraser Range - some 5/600km to the south, and east of Norseman.
Then three truckies reported (in response to ABC radio interviews by the author) seeing yet another fireball soon after starting work at 5.00am (exact date unknown) in May or June of 1993. Their "moon sized" fireball flew from south to north at low level (some 1000 meters) with a high speed jet plane velocity. It was yellow-orange-red in color and had a very small blue-white tail, and lit up the early morning dark sky in an intense blue white light flash that silhouetted the countryside, as it too headed immediately west of Laverton directly for Banjawarn station. As they were sitting next to loud diesel engines of their own we do not know if this third Banjawarn fireball made any pulsed roaring noise.
This third fireball held a course that, would not only pass over Banjawarn but, could ultimately reach the Exmouth peninsular in the far north west of W.A.
Now for three fireballs to be heading towards Banjawarn is just too much of a co-incidence for a meteor type event. Meteors of this size are very rare events let alone three heading at different times into one small space on the Earth's surface at Banjawarn. If we assume that fireball #3 was seen at 5.00am on the 29th of May 1993 and thus followed fireball #1 by six hours as in say a south to north travelling chain of bolides (rather like the recent Shoemacher-Levy -9 impacts on Jupiter) we have the problem that in six hours the Earth has rotated about it's north-south axis 90 degrees and fireball #3 should have come in over East Africa !
Subsequent to the initial publication and radio broadcasts of my research on the Banjawarn Event I was contacted by a Laverton "Dogger" (Dingo trapper) who reported seeing a yet forth fireball flying from Laverton to Banjawarn in late 1989. His orange fireball also flew at jet plane speed and at relatively low level altitude following around the Earth's curvature like an F-111 flying under radar with a loud diesel engine noise and gave off a vivid blue-white flash as it disappeared over the northern horizon.
Other Goldfields observers reported seeing huge glowing orange-red hemispheres or "shells" formed up on their respective horizons during the mid to late 1980's. Event reconstructions from several witnesses places these hemispheres in an area roughly north-west of Banjawarn Station.
All of these sightings mitigate strongly against meteors or bolides being the causative element in these events.
There have been many other post May 1993 Australian reports (in excess of 1000 - often multiple events) concerning aerial fireballs and associated light energy emission. These involve exotic diesel freight train noise making spherical fireballs, and some noiseless variants, flying long trajectories over different parts of Australia.
These fireballs have been observed in all our states (as recently as the 4th. of February 1997), and in many cases have exhibited variations on and combinations of the following actions: very low altitude "nap of earth" trajectories, small to non-existent tails, no fragment drop off, apparent velocity less than that of sound, no associated sonic booms, considerable sudden change in course, speed up, stop dead, reverse course, fly vertically upwards into space, create intense vibration of ground and housing as they pass over, or explode over the horizon in massive blue-white arcing light displays with major explosive sound events - or silent intense high altitude light flashes, create power generation over-voltage outages and other electrical potential effects.
The Banjawarn case demonstrates a cause-effect relationship with a 3.9 Richter earthquake and other fireballs have possibly been related on at least two occasions to 3.0-4.0 Richter scale earthquakes in eastern Australia. [NB. We now know of some 10 fireball-earthquake-explosion events in Australia since 1993].
If meteors are the source of these observations then lately we appear to be continually encountering a very odd species of meteor that exhibits a previously undocumented very exotic behavior and a very high statistical rate of arrival in Australia - apparently (until recently -1996) largely ignoring the rest of the world.
Other possible causes such as natural gas fireballs, min-min lights, and earthquake stress lights may be easily discounted by many aspects of these fireball events - but not least because of their usually very low energy output when compared to the very large energies involved in these recent Banjawarn type fireball incidents.

Probably the most spectacular of these fireball events was that of approximately 2.00am on the 1st. of May 1995 above Perth W.A.
At that time a large spherical orange-red fireball with a small conical blue-white tail was observed flying from the Indian Ocean over Bunbury in south western WA in a north northeasterly direction at a relatively high altitude, apparently flying a trajectory that was parallel to the earth's curvature. The altitude of this fireball is open to question as many observers thought that it was not too high in the sky but newspaper reports later placed it at several kilometers altitude.
The fireball soon arrived above the eastern side of the City of Perth (population = + 1 million), and was seen and heard by many eye-witnesses over it's 150 km. land flight trajectory. Observers reported that the "object" emitted a loud roaring pulsed noise - similar to a diesel freight train - before it arrived - and that it flew at a steady speed similar to a high speed jet aircraft. There was no report of a sonic boom.

Whilst opposite the eastern side of Perth near Midland the fireball reportedly stopped dead in the sky and the tail inverted through the fireball to point towards the previous direction of travel.
There was then an enormous burst of blue-white arcing light energy that lit up the city and it's suburbs for many kilometers - briefly as clear as daylight - similar in many ways to that of a nuclear blast. A loud vibrating massive explosion cum seismic wave reverberated around Perth and the city buildings shook whilst books and objects fell off of shelves.
Several observers reported that at the instant of the explosion four white lights raced apart from the main "object's" center forming a right angle white cross in the sky. No object was actually seen at any time - just a bright orange-red fireball of light emission and it's very small blue-white light conical tail.
One observer reportedly told the Perth Astronomical Observatory of seeing sparks drop off of the fireball during it's flight and that it had along tail or streak of orange color.
All other Police and Public eye-witnesses reported the fireball as having no, or at best a rudimentary very short, tail, and they definitely saw no sparks, noting that it was spherical or cylindrical in form as defined by light energy emission.
About half of the city's population i.e. some 500,000 people were woken up by the violence of this explosive and seismic wave event. The ground vibration wave was picked up by the A.G.S.O. Mundaring Seismic observatory as a paper analog recording lasting some two minutes timed at 17.57utc i.e. commencing at 1.57am W.A. time.
This event raised some discussion in the W.A. press over the next few weeks and was generally explained in the media by the Perth Astronomical Observatory as the explosion of a meteor fireball with a power of ONE or MORE megatons of TNT equivalent, at an altitude of several (20 km. ?) kilometers.
Surprisingly this event was not apparently widely reported in the World press. One would think that something like the equivalent of a large Hydrogen Bomb detonating above a city like Perth would be worthy of great discussion. Obviously it was definitely not loud enough to wake Canberra............
Reports soon came in of small lights and strange aerial noises that had moved to the north northeast of Perth towards the small town of Toodyay and beyond, on the night in question. Amateur meteor astronomers spent a considerable amount of time interviewing farmers out that way but no meteor fragments have been recovered to date (December 1996).
Later reports noted that on the same night, some 1900 kms. to the north north east of Perth, a couple situated on Sunday Island, north of Broome, in the Kimberley region of WA, were woken some time around 3.00 am by a loud roaring pulsed diesel engine noise - similar to a D9 bulldozer or tank engine - advancing directly towards their front door. This noise rose to a crescendo and books and objects fell from their shelves. The seismic ground vibration wave and sound event lasted for some 1-2 minutes.
Believing they had experienced an earthquake the family listened to the early morning ABC radio, but the only story was of the explosive meteor fireball event above Perth. A check of the Mundaring seismic records has shown that no earthquakes of any magnitude at all occurred at Sunday Island or anywhere else in their region that night.
One possible interpretation of these events is that a meteor fireball exploded on contact with the Earth's denser atmosphere high above the east of Perth and that small fragments including a very large fragment flew north north east over Toodyay to eventually be heard flying low over Sunday Island in the Kimberley region.
This meteor interpretation ignores the slow speed of the fireball i.e. similar to a jet plane and, due to it's roaring sound being heard before it arrived, apparently less than the speed of sound at some 750 mph (whilst most meteors are generally hypervelocity objects flying at many thousands of miles an hour - often > 25,000 mph.).
The meteor hypothesis also ignores the strange aerodynamics of an "object" that reportedly stopped dead in the sky whilst it's very small luminous tail inverted through the spherical fireball, and ignores the lack of recovered fragments from so great an explosive event. It also ignores the accumulated evidence from many other similar fireball events that have occurred throughout Australia in recent years.
The observations of it's flight, or effects associated with the event, cover some 2,000 kilometers in strike across W.A. and thus allow a reasonably reliable attempt at reconstruction on a globe of the planetary perspective.
The trajectory starts somewhere to the south southwest of Perth - possibly in the Indian Ocean or in Antarctica, and projects north northeast towards the north eastern coast of Japan and across the center of the Siberian Kamchatka peninsular. If continued the trajectory would cross over northern Alaska over Arctic Canada to emerge into the Atlantic somewhere near Nova Scotia.
It is interesting that the projected trajectory skims Antarctica along it's coast near Enderby Land. At this location is a complex of three research bases. The Japanese bases of Showa (approx. 40 degrees East) and Mizuho (approx. 45 degrees East and inland), and the former USSR base of Molodezhnaya (approx. 45 degrees East on the coast). Further northwest the former USSR base of Novolazarevskaya (approx. 15 degrees East on the coast) also lies approximately upon the projected trajectory.
The former USSR also has bases ringing the coast of Antarctica at the following approximate locations 15 deg E, 45 deg E, and 92 deg E (Queen Mary Land), 105 deg. E (Vostock inland near the South Magnetic Pole),163 deg E (Oates Land), and 224 deg E (44 deg W) (opposite the Rockerfeller Plateau). These bases effectively give a good arc coverage of the entire globe from the radio transmission viewpoint.
The Kamchatka Peninsular in Siberia was the site of the infamous KAL 007 incident. Recent research by David Pearson published in his book "KAL 007: the COVER - UP") concerning this 747 jumbo jet shoot down by the Soviets suggests that KAL 007 was attempting to gain intelligence on a very large transmitter site located in the central part of the peninsular. It has been suggested by Japanese journalists (Archipelago Magazine www.pelago.com)) and an American scientific researcher (Tom Bearden) that this Kamchatka transmitter is one of a worldwide series of former Soviet electro-magnetic weapons transmitter complexes.
Such weapons are believed to be variants on designs proposed by Nicola Tesla in 1908 and to have the ability to transmit explosive, and other effects such as earthquake induction, across inter-continental distances to any selected target site on the globe, with force levels equivalent to major nuclear explosions.
Evidence for the existence of such exotic weapons is given in part by a recent 23rd December 1996 "Voice of Russia" radio broadcast on their Science and Engineering programme where they discussed modern Russian E/M weapons of the micro-wave plasma variety. The following is a part transcript of that programme featuring the interviewer Yekimenko and the science authority Belitzky.
YEKIMENKO: How would a microwave generator be used "in anger" Boris?
BELITZKY: It would be used to fire a plasmoid, that is, a blob of plasma into the path of an incoming missile, its warhead, or an aircraft. The plasmoid would effectively, ionize that, region of space and, in this way, disturb the aerodynamics of the flight of the missile, warhead, or aircraft, and terminate their flight. This makes such a generator and its plasmoid a practically invulnerable weapon, providing protection against; attack via space or the atmosphere.
YEKIMENKO: Boris, I hate to ask this question, but still...The generals and scientists who speak of this weapon - they couldn't be bluffing, could they?
BELITZKY: 0h no. This is evident if only from the fact that a few years ago in 1993, at the Russian-American summit in Vancouver, the Russians proposed a joint experiment in testing such generators - or plasma weapons, as they are called here - as an alternative to the Strategic Defense Initiative, SDI. In such an experiment, which it was proposed to code-name :'Trust," the system would be used to repulse a missile attack. In this way Russia hoped to strengthen the new climate of post-cold-war security in the world.
These comments of course emphasize that many observed "lights = objects" in the night sky may in fact have no mass associated with them at all, and are actually "holograms" of light being given off by "slugs" of dense E/M energy (moving, or static as a standing wave node). These light shapes being held in place by three or more transmitter's providing their "Tesla wave" output to manipulate "plasmoid blobs" in 3D space.

Quien Tiene Las Armas Escalares?

El Aumento De Armas Escalares Trae Consigo un Peligro
Aun mas Grande que las Nucleares, para la Tierra y sus Habitantes.

If one follows the statements of scalar electromagnetic expert Tom Bearden through the years one becomes aware of the gradual spread of scalar weapons technology throughout the world.
Si seguimos las afirmaciones del experto en electromagnetismo escalar  Tom Beraden a lo largo de los anos, nos haremos concientes del despliegue gradual de la tecnologia de armas escalares por todo el mundo.

Some years back his statements indicated that primarily the Russians had these weapons, and a couple other nations, of which the U.S. was NOT one.
Algunos anos atras, nos decia que era principalmente Rusia quien poseia este tipo de armas y tambien un par de otras naciones, las cuales no incluian los EE.UU

Then, as years passed by, his carefully guarded sources indicated that the number had increased to five, with the U.S. playing catch-up-ball as it belatedly woke up to the threat and entered the race in earnest.
Despues, al pasar de los anos, sus bien resguardados contactos, senalaron que el numero habia aumentado a cinco, con los EE.UU tratando de igualarse, despues de haber despertado al la amenaza, empezo a competir en serio

Now he estimates that 10 nations have active scalar weapons programs including China, and even rogue groups such as a consortium formed by the Japanese mafia and the Japanese "Aum Shinrikyo" cult.
 Ahora el calcula que unas 10 naciones tienen programas activos de armas escalares entre ellos China, y hasta grupos granujas como el consorcio formado por la mafia Japonesa y el culto Japones 'Aum Shinrikyo'

The dangers inherent in this proliferation cannot possibly be ovestated. While our elected "leaders," most of whom are probably not even privy to these ultra-classified programs, are wringing their hands with worry about nuclear threats, the actual threat posed by these relatively easy-to-build new weapons is almost beyond human imagination.
Los peligros que se albergan en este aumento no se pueden exagerar. Mientras que nuestros 'lideres'  los cuales en su mayoria quizas ni siquiera estan enterados de estos programas super-reservados, estan entrelazando sus dedos de preocupacion por las amenazas nucleares, la amenaza real que traen estas nuevas armas faciles de construir son casi mas alla de la imaginacion humana.

A couple of "nukes" going off here or there would not be a pretty event, and certainly an all out nuclear war could wipe out most life on earth through the "nuclear winter" effect, so I am not minimizing the dangers of nuclear weapons. But the new "Tesla howitzers," or longitudinal wave intereferometers have a destructive potential beyond anything mankind has ever dreamed of. This became shockingly apparent in Tom Bearden's recent expression of worry about the possible use of such weapons to trigger a super-eruption in the Yellowstone caldera. The other danger that is beyond present imagination is that the misuse of these weapons, or even an accident, could affect the scalar balance between sun and earth and cause the sun to "burb." That could well kill every living thing on earth, turning life to ashes. Do we really want to just ignore the fact that insane men are developing such weapons in earnest? Don't we ignore it at own very individual peril?
The weapons themselves are powerful enough to boggle the mind, but in the above two instances they act as a trigger to unleash the mighty cosmic forces of the universe itself to deliver a destruction which is total and utterly out of control. What is even worse, ultimately such an ability could wind up falling into the hands of a single lone crazed person acting out their suicidal impulses on the entire human race. All you need is the magic know-how. You don't need to go looking for rare and difficult to produce exotic radioactive material. You don't need tremendously sophisticated equipment to put up a scalar interferometer. That's why the Yakuza was able to finegle the know-how out of the Russians and take it back to Japan, where Bearden fears they are beginning to produce their own weapons for an ultimate attack on the West. Meanwhile the "war on terrorism" focuses mainly on small cells of poverty stricken Arabs and other Muslims who are trying to get together the materials for their next pipe-bomb. Weapons that could cripple or destroy the entire nation or world are ignored to preserve their secrecy while the mightiest army on earth swats at flies.
And China has aquired the weapons technology too, and is well on the way to creating the even more dreaded "Quantum Potential Weapon," which Bearden is still trying to figure out. The Quantum weapon can literally broadcast illnesses and diseases without necessity of any microorganisms at all, and engineer the collective unconscious and the psyche of mankind. The technology of destruction is now making (no pun intended) quantum leaps ahead while the wisdom and spiritual growth of people seems actually to be moving backward.
So it is important to be aware of the proliferation of these weapons around the world and attempt to awaken others to the dangers they pose. This is difficult of course since such programs are highly classified in every nation that has them. I don't know who Bearden's sources are, and he has avowed over and over that he would never reveal them. But I tend to believe Tom Bearden after studying his thoughts for a couple years now. It is hard to explain, but I believe I have gotten a sense of this man and the high levels at which his mind operates. One gets a feeling almost that for Bearden the study of science is in fact a spiritual affair, as it was for Einstein, a quest to find the ultimate unity in things, which is, by definition, God. And a person engaged lifelong in a true spiritual quest does not lie about things, distort things, present false information. It's just not part of the gestalt of such scientific-spiritual inquiry. They may make errors, or be mistaken about one detail or another, that's just being human. But they will not knowingly delude. So it is really a matter of how good Tom's sources are, and how sure they are, and how correct. For now, I pretty much trust Tom's judgement on all this. It is just too damned important at this point to risk doing otherwise.
So here is one of Bearden's letters giving his assessment on the proliferation of the scalar weapons, as of May of last year. The estimation at that time was that five nations had acquired the scalar weapons and that a sixth was getting them going. Tom's estimation today is that ten nations have them. The problem of scalar weapons proliferation is compounded by the fact that if you have the know-how the devices themselves, the physical devices, are not all that difficult to build. Thus the proliferation of scalar weapons is bound to happen an order of magnitude faster than the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
The writer's question to Tom was this:
Tom I'm guessing that the sixth nation that is approaching parity with the other "big five" is located at the South End of Africa?

Who Has the Scalar Weapons?
Tom Bearden's Assessment
Subject: RE: Approaching parity
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 11:09:11 -0500

Not counted but closing the last 100 yards, so to speak, is the U.S. The sixth nation I was referring to appears to be France. They actually got into the longitudinal interferometry business as a take-off from the Priore project, by about 1970. They are one of the nations that later were "test-firing" into Western Australia for some years in the 1990s, right along with the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo.
[For an amazing account of the scalar weapons testing in Australia see the article "Bright Skies" by Harry Mason at http://www.cheniere.org/misc/brightskies1.htm ]
The Brits seem to be in a cooperative effort with the U.S., but how far they are partners is still unclear. They do have at least access to scalar interferometers and negative energy EMP weapons, and some stocks of their own, and I would suspect also they are probably a driving force in the QP weapons development of the team.
Argentina and Peru seem to have at least some sort of small LWI programs, but I don't have any further details. South Africa probably has scalar interferometers, but not much more, for the last decade and a half, at least as far as I'm able to find. That may just mean I just don't have the information. Haven't gotten much info on them since the early days, so they could be farther along.
It's difficult to follow all that these days; it would really require a special team just to try to keep up with it. And scanning tons and tons of information, to glean those precious scraps now and then, is largely beyond my capability anymore.
The Yakuza in Japan are also building smaller scalar interferometers, having carried the technology back to their own facilities in Japan after leasing the on-site interferometers in Russia. It appears they are eying bringing some of these into the U.S. clandestinely, with a view toward being able to knock out communications centers, nuclear power plants, the controls of normal power plants, refineries, etc. at some little distance. The Aum Shinrikyo has changed its name (to Aleph, I think it is), but seems to still be working with the Yakuza. Apparently the Yakuza have installed some sort of devices on most of the major power lines, and have used them to kill some targets (such as politicians who get too energetic on opposing the Yakuza). I don't know whether any of this flurry of Japanese activity on the website is connected with that or not; probably with the free energy from the vacuum, I'm surmising.
As far as I am aware, only Russia and one other nation have the massless "engine robots" yet.
There are now a few serious indications (tests) of the next development beyond the robots, which is an area very difficult to explain. One could call it "direct engineering of reality" or "crossing multiple realities". It is an extended (next logical stage) use of engines. One could call it "n-dimensional engineering" or "use of n-dimensional engines". When one has a 3-dimensional snapshot of a universe, that is the universe at a single point in time, frozen. By adding the fourth dimension, one gets a "world-history" -- the set of all such 3-snapshots in the history of that specific 4-world from its inception to its end. If one then adds a fifth dimension, one gets the "set of all possible world-histories". God knows what one gets with the sixth dimension added, or the eighth, or the twentieth! The 5-universe is like the multi-universe solution to QM, where every possible variant of every possible 4-world exists. That is the arena some engineering is now being done in, at least in early starting stages. As you can see, it is also an area that is difficult even to clearly think about. In that area, one simply cannot use 3-law logic, but must use 5-law logic. We're working on it, but it's slow, slow, slow because of the agonizing opposition of the old 3-space head and 3-perception. But this appears to be the new weapons technology for the 21st century.
The basis for that technology was actually laid down way back there, in developing the ability to use a portable unit and have a person (usually a high level assassin) "walk through walls" and also walk along the road in an invisible ("cloaked", if one prefers that term) state. That has been here in elementary and difficult form since the early 1980s, in at least two nations. I had a couple experiences with that end of it that were, to put it mildly, rather mind-blowing. One was actually for beneficial purposes, and the other was with a view toward my demise. What prevented the latter is also another mind-blowing area as well, and happened by sheer fluke of fate or whatever.
The extension of those engines devoted to engineering the mind and mind-body connection is also underway into the n-dimensional business, but I've not been able to find any indicators directly relevant. Still looking and watching. It's there, and one can sense it, but it's still very well hidden.
The rising n-dimensional engine area is important enough that I've started thinking about a possible new book, condensing a summary of the special weapons to date and including the other exotic weapons we will have to deal with in the first half of this century. The NEGEMP of course, and the QP weapons and the robots, but engine technology is extending dramatically into n-dimensional technology (including the robots). Since technology is an amoral tool, it of course can be used for either good or evil purposes. The morality --- or the lack thereof --- is in the hands of the user. The more advanced and powerful the technology, the more advanced and powerful its use for both good and evil. With humanity's usual aplomb, it appears n-dimensional engines will be used for ever more powerful weaponry first (and maybe even to the point of denying any beneficial use of it). It's sad in a way, because if the engine technology were pursued for beneficial purposes, it could solve most of the material problems on Earth, including disease, old age, you name it. Anyway, a book in the overall area might be useful, but it will be the very devil to write and prepare. But we're at least thinking about it. If I were ten years younger and had more vigor, I would definitely already be tackling it. As it is, I have to sorta roll it around on the tip of my tongue for awhile, to see if I can stir up enough momentum to take something like that on.
So that's about where it is. The Big Five are still the Big Five, with respect to the QP weapons, but others are working away and closing in. The one cheerful point is that we ourselves are reaching solvency with where all this was at 2000. But now we have two great leaps to make again: the robots and the n-dimensional engines.

La Tierra Hueca

Por Silvia Velando

La creencia en civilizaciones intraterrestres muy evolucionadas espiritualmente forma parte de muchas tradiciones filosóficas-religiosas del mundo. Tampoco es desdeñable el número de personas que dan testimonio de una "realidad fantástica" con zonas cálidas, llenas de vida vegetal y valles perdidos e en lugares inhóspitos de nuestro subsuelo. Incluso autores de la talla de Julio Verne, James Hilton, C. W. Leadbeater, John G. Fuller, el polémico Raymond Barnard; y aventureros como Ferdinand Ossendowski y Nicholas Roerich, han hablado de estos reinos subterráneos a través de sus novelas. ¿Podría estar albergando nuestro planeta culturas vivas en su interior?

Por excéntrico que pueda parecer el planteamiento anterior, no debemos despreciar un argumento bastante significativo: en casi toda la tierra se tienen noticias de cuevas subterráneas y sistemas de túneles -como el entramado que se extiende bajo la superficie del Yucatán, montañas de Paucartambo en Perú, sierra del Roncador en Brasil, cuevas de Afganistán, monte Kailós en el Tíbet...- que conectan no sólo áreas diferentes dentro del mismo continente, sino que, en opinión de algunos investigadores, bien pudieran "unir" diferentes partes del globo. En realidad, todas las tradiciones antiguas se basan en ésta supuesta existencia de ciudades intraterrenas conectadas mediante una vasta red de pasadizos, mas que en la -no menos fantástica- creencia de una "tierra hueca" que algunos autores como Raymond Barnard proponen.

Exploradores como Juan Moriaz, y sacerdotes como Carlos Crepi, habrían encontrado en estos túneles perdidos del Ecuador (cueva de "los Tayos"), láminas de piedra y oro con signos ideográficos grabados que describen los orígenes de la historia humana, según recoge fielmente Erik Von Däniken en El oro de los dioses. A este enclave sudamericano, que aún hoy día constituye un misterio por descifrar, se vincula una interesante leyenda sobre la mítica Shambalah o Agharta, y las historias que de ella se desprenden. Historias sobre una ciudad santa oculta en los Himalayas, que bien merecen punto y aparte dentro de este artículo.

Se ha dicho que el origen de las sociedades subterráneas podría estar en los continentes desaparecidos del Atlántico y del Pacífico: la Atlántida, Lemur o Thule (esta última en la tradición helénica se corresponde con el reino de hiperbórea: una tierra paradisíaca, perdida más allá de la barrera de los hielos, donde existe una raza que irradia un poder espiritual capaz de influir en los sentimientos colectivos del planeta). Tanto en oriente como en occidente se suceden las descripciones sobre los integrantes de estas enigmáticas sociedades, y no faltan los testigos que dan crédito a la existencia de seres dorados de los que emana una intensa luz blanquecina.

Oquedades polares

La posibilidad de que la tierra sea hueca, y de que se pueda entrar en ella a través de los polos norte y sur, ha alimentado la imaginación de la humanidad desde hace mucho tiempo. Por si fuera poco, unas supuestas fotografías de una abertura en el polo norte tomada por los satélites ESSA-3 el 6 de enero de 1967 y ESSA-7 el 23 de noviembre de 1968, parece facilitar esta teoría.

Para los partidarios de la tierra hueca, sus hipótesis no únicamente estriban en estas controvertidas fotos (reproducidas en 1970 por la revista Flying Saucers del editor Ray Palmer) sino que al parecer diferentes exploradores dicen haber visto cenizas volcánicas donde no hay volcanes, calor inexplicable donde deberían reinar temperaturas bajo cero, huellas de animales en lugares nada accesibles, icebergs de agua dulce en el océano Ártico ...

Leonard Euler, matemático del siglo XVIII,"dedujo" que la tierra era hueca y contenía un Sol central. El doctor Edmond Halley (descubridor del cometa Halley y astrónomo real de Inglaterra) también creía en esta teoría.

Claves Symnes (ex-capitán de infantería de Ohio) se mantenía convencido de que nuestro mundo consistía en realidad en un sistema de esferas huecas concéntricas. El escritor Raymond Barnard (antes mencionado), en su libro La tierra hueca lanzó la complicada -y absurda para muchos- teoría de que el centro de gravedad del planeta no estaría en el núcleo sino en la corteza terrestre, y que las auroras polares estarían causadas por los rayos provenientes de un "Sol interior, apareciendo por esos enormes agujeros polares".

En 1926, Richard Evelyn Byrd, capitán de la marina americana, navegó en línea recta hacia el polo norte y continuó viajando unos 2.730 km. en esa misma dirección sin alcanzarlo, arribando, por el contrario, a una costa de aguas templadas llenas de vegetación. ¿El Reino de Hiperbórea? Entre 1946-47, Byrd revive una experiencia semejante, esta vez volando en dirección al polo sur, en una expedición denominada "High Jump", patrocinada por los EE.UU. Se cree que las expediciones del capitán fueron objeto de desinformación, ya que existe gente que afirma haber visto imágenes en "noticieros" narrados por el propio Byrd en el que describía y mostraba imágenes "de esas tierras más allá del polo" con sus montañas, árboles, ríos y un gran animal identificado como un mamut.

Estos documentales, de existir, parece que se han evaporado. Para los defensores de la Tierra hueca, el capitán habría encontrado la apertura polar y se habría introducido en ella. El que fuera operador de radio en las expediciones, Lloyd K. Grenlie, reafirmó la existencia de una cinta grabada con todo lo mencionado por Byrd. Sus detractores insinúan que sus afirmaciones no son mas que recuerdos falsos y sus comentarios como "una tierra más allá del polo" o "el gran enigma", eran formas de aludir a regiones aún inexploradas mas que a continentes escondidos en su interior.

La ciencia tiene la palabra

Según estudios realizados por geofísicos del Instituto de Tecnología de California (USA) y través de mediciones indirectas en la frontera entre las zonas líquidas y sólidas, se estima la temperatura interior del planeta en 6.300ºC y en principio, en el "centro", alcanzaría los 6.600ºC., mayor que la reinante en la superficie del Sol. Con estas cifras, admitir la idea sobre la oquedad de la tierra parece bastante disparatado.

De todas formas, debemos reconocer que a la ciencia le queda mucho aún por investigar sobre la estructura interna del planeta, porque a pesar de las prospecciones (apenas un 0.2/ 0.5% del radio terrestre) y sondeos que los geólogos han realizado, la composición de su núcleo no ha sido determinada con total seguridad. Una hipótesis -aparecida en la revista Science- del doctor Ronald Cohen llevaría a examinar algunos planteamientos de ser cierta:

"el corazón terrestre es una inmensa bola de 2.400 km. de diámetro, pero no de hierro sino de cristal, formada por átomos de hierro con su propio campo magnético".
Lo que parece fuera de toda duda par la comunidad científica es que de existir seres intraterrestres tendrían una estructura física y atómica diferente, y así podría estar "habitado" el interior del planeta por criaturas basadas en la química del silicio en lugar de la del carbono, tal y como propuso en su día el astrónomo norteamericano Thomas Gold (profesor emérito de Astronomía de la Universidad americana de Cornell). Evidentemente se tratarían de organismos microscópicos capaces de desarrollarse a enormes presiones y temperaturas en el interior de la corteza terrestre, residiendo en los pequeños poros que se encuentran en las rocas y obteniendo la energía necesaria para vivir de diversos minerales y gases disueltos.

Esta posibilidad se ha considerado prácticamente inviable por la casi totalidad de los biólogos. Pero según Thomas Gold, en el interior de algunos laboratorios geológicos se han conseguido muestras de gran profundidad y se han observado como diferentes rocas presentaban señales de la acción de estos organismos basados en el silicio que habrían pasado inadvertidos hasta ahora.

Lejos de la especulación, las únicas "criaturas" que desde hace 40 años se sabe llegan a tolerar condiciones y marcas de 3.500ºC. son los llamados hipertermófilos. Viven alrededor de chimeneas volcánicas, de fondos oceánicos, o en el agua que fluye de los géiseres. La mayoría de estos organismos son bacterias unicelulares que obtienen la energía al combinar oxígeno con sulfuro de hidrógeno. Constituyen auténticos fósiles vivientes, pues han permanecido casi sin cambios a lo largo de miles de millones de años.

Agartha y el mito del Rey del Mundo. ¿Realidad espiritual o material?

Antiguas tradiciones religiosas asiáticas (budistas tibetanas, enseñanzas hindúes, chamanes de Mongolia) desde tiempos remotos dan por cierta la existencia de un reino inmortal "invisible" donde se escondería un reducido colectivo de personas, excepcionalmente sabias y poderosas, procedentes de los continentes hundidos del Atlántico y del Pacífico. En Oriente este mundo idílico oculto es conocido como Agartha o Sambalah y en América del Sur como la ciudad del Disco Solar. Muchos sitúan este reino en valles perdidos de las cordilleras al norte del Himalaya, y otros en cavernas inaccesibles de los desiertos próximos al Gobi. Este pueblo subterráneo estaría regido por los designios de un misterioso personaje : el Rey del Mundo.

Investigadores de culturas religiosas como Andrew Tomas han estudiado a fondo este mito universal aceptando como real su existencia. Otros estudiosos, como René Guénon, han visto en la figura del soberano de este mundo intraterrestre -a caballo entre lo divino y lo humano- un principio, una dignidad y un estado espiritual:

"Es la inteligencia cósmica que refleja la luz espiritual pura"
(R. Guénon, El rey del mundo).
Para otros, este tipo de mito entronca con todas las historias "fabulosas" que circulaban por occidente a propósito del reino del Preste Juan -misterioso soberano de quien según Marco Polo hablaban todos en el gran imperio y recibía tributos de la mayor parte de los gobernantes asiáticos-. Al parecer, en los archivos del Vaticano se encontraría parte de la correspondencia que mantuvo el mítico rey-sacerdote de Oriente con algunos monarcas y prelados de la Iglesia.

Es posible que todas estas narraciones que hemos rescatado del pasado funcionaran como un factor sugerente para sacar a las personas de Europa. Las salidas del continente ya habían sido promovidas por el papado en las cruzadas, y el Preste Juan (o el Rey del Mundo) sería la "idea" que movilizaría a los hombres. Representaba la figura de un rey con un enorme imperio, situado tras las líneas musulmanas en el que abundarían enormes riquezas.

Para Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, fundadora de la Sociedad Teosófica, este reino no es ninguna utopía. H. Blavatsky declararía en más de una ocasión estar en contacto con los Mahatmas (misteriosos personajes del Asia Central que detentaban poderes sobrenaturales) que le transmitían a menudo mensajes de fraternidad y misteriosas profecías destinadas a aviso y cuidado de un mundo en eminente peligro de autodestrucción. Según ella, Moisés, Platón, San Pablo... habrían sido teósofos iniciados por miembros de este Gobierno oculto. No fue hasta 1933 cuando James Hilton popularizó en Occidente la leyenda de Sambalah en su novela Horizontes perdidos, donde narra como una comunidad de grandes sabios, llamados Rishis o Mahatmas (grandes almas) viven en un paraíso de ciencia mística, oculto en algún lugar al norte del Tíbet, entre los macizos de Altin-Tag y Kum-Lum, Altai en Mongolia, Tsaidan y China. Habitantes de estas regiones atestiguaron la presencia de seres luminosos vestidos con simples túnicas blancas en medio del duro invierno tibetano.

El marqués Alejandro Saint-Yves d´Alvèdre mantuvo haber sido visitado en 1885 por dos misteriosos personajes, enviados por el gobierno universal oculto de la presente humanidad, los cuales le revelaron la existencia de Agharta y su organización espiritual y política. Con estas revelaciones, Saint-Yves escribió un libro de 200 páginas que mandó editar; pero apenas había salido la obra de la imprenta, el marqués ordenó su destrucción, ya que al parecer "contenía terribles secretos". Un solo ejemplar se escapó a la destrucción del que se haría una reedición fotomecánica, y que según cuentan, los nazis, durante la ocupación alemana, acabarían por destruir.

Los aventureros Nicholas Roerich y Ferdinand Ossendowski

Viajeros occidentales como el científico polaco Ossendowski y el pintor ruso Roerich, escucharon contar a los lamas y nativos relatos sobre túneles que convergían a un fabuloso país subterráneo donde habitaba una poderosa raza de seres que se daría a conocer cuando la humanidad hubiera llegado a unas condiciones en que pudiera recibir los conocimientos necesarios, y saldrían a la superficie para crear una nueva civilización de paz (Nostradamus anunció en sus Centurias que habría de llegar algún día el Gran Rey) ¿Quién sabe?

Ossendowski fue el primero en recoger el testigo de Agartha. Durante su huída por Siberia y Mongolia, perseguido por el ejército rojo, alcanzó tierras casi desconocidas en torno al desierto de Gobi, Manchuria y las inmediaciones del Tíbet -supuesto enclave del reino perdido-. Contactó en sus investigaciones con privilegiadas fuentes de información: aristócratas y lamas mongoles y el bibliotecario del propio Buda viviente. Dejó memoria de todo en el último capítulo del libro Bestias, hombres, Dioses. El libro daría cierto cariz de credibilidad a la existencia de Agartha, aunque muchos lo tacharían de sensacionalista y muy poco o nada riguroso.

Roerich también sintió la llamada del Himalaya y abandonó la fama para dedicarse a luchar en pro de la paz, desde su refugio en el valle de Kulu, en las montañas de Cachemira (1917). Recién muerto Lenin, en 1924, Roerich llegaría a Rusia como portador de un mensaje que le había sido transmitido por los Mahatmas (nuevamente) que habitaban en algún lugar ignorado dentro del paralelo 42. Juan Parellada de Cardellac cuenta en su libro Reinos perdidos y claves secretas que el explorador ruso habría dejado constancia en sus escritos del avistamiento de un OVNI -lo definiría como un ingenio metálico- que vio elevarse de un valle del Gobi en dirección al Tíbet.

El Dorado y el Coronel Fawcett

Por muchos definida como "la ciudad subterránea post-Amazónica, ubicada en la cordillera central y oriental del Perú que ha despertado innumerables sueños", el mito de El Dorado tomó el nombre de Paititi en Perú, Omagua en Venezuela, Manoa en la Guayana y Shangri-la de los Andes. Ligado a la leyenda de El Dorado aflora la historia del coronel Fawcett, viajero inglés que descubrió en la Biblioteca Nacional de Río de Janeiro una carta (enviada por el bandeirante Francisco Raposo al vicerrey, 1754) en la que se describía el hallazgo un año antes de una extraña ciudad de piedra en el noroeste del estado de Bahía, mientras Raposo buscaba las minas de plata de Muribeca.

Extraviado en el Matto Grosso, el aventurero portugués y sus compañeros divisaron en la montaña una escalera monumental tallada en la roca que conducía a un impresionante pórtico que se abría a una fantástica ciudad. Al manuscrito (conocido como el nº 512), le acompañaba un mapa que situaba esta ciudad en los alrededores del río Xingu -afluente del amazonas-. Fawcett, acompañado de su hijo Jack, penetró en la selva amazónica en busca de la ciudad perdida. Nunca volvieron.

Se da la circunstancia de que tanto en la región sudamericana, como en las áreas que englobaría la leyenda de Agartha, han sido escenario de frecuentes apariciones OVNI. Esto ha llevado a algunos ufólogos a creer que los OVNIs podrían ser vehículos de una civilización pasada, altamente desarrollada, que permanece oculta, y sus contactos con el exterior se establecen a través del triángulo de las Bermudas, las islas Canarias, los polos o el Tíbet. Contados como Eugenio Siragusa afirman que hoy día, en el subsuelo, existen bases de "hermanos del cielo" construidas con inmensas placas de cristal, supuestamente guiadas por maestros interplanetarios de la 4arta y 5ª dimensión.

La aventura nazi también tuvo este mito en consideración, pues como se ha comentado ya hasta la saciedad, Hitler y su círculo íntimo llegaron a estar persuadidos de la realidad de este mundo oculto tras la lectura de The Coming Race (La raza que vendrá) de Bulwer Lytton. ¿Envió el führer expediciones especiales en busca de la entrada a... con la intención de aliarse con civilizaciones internas?

Rigurosamente hablando, por las investigaciones llegadas a cabo hasta el momento, podríamos concretar que si alguien o algo se moviera allí abajo, lo sabríamos. Puede que todos estos relatos -parafraseando a Serge Hutin- no sean más que símbolos de la perpetua nostalgia humana de un paraíso terrestre que sólo existe en el universo de la leyenda. Sin embargo, debemos admitir un desconocimiento importante de los lugares donde se centran estas tradiciones, pues en territorios tan vastos e inhóspitos, TODO parece ser posible.