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La Tierra es Inmobil?

The belief that the Earth is rotating on an "axis" and orbiting the sun is THE GRANDADDY OF ALL DECEPTIONS IN THE WORLD TODAY...
Launched from its modern founder's deathbed in 1543, the Copernican Revolution ushered in a movement that has totally reshaped and re-directed ALL of man's knowledge (See Below Article: Exposing The Copernican Deception: The Cataclysmic Impact On Every Field Of Modern Man’s Knowledge)
The Christian Bible (and the Koran!) declare the earth to be motionless. The mathematical Copernican model says the earth rotates on an "axis" (at over 1000 MPH) orbits the sun (at 30 times rifle bullet speed), and is whooshing around a galaxy (at 250 times rifle bullet speed) .....all at the same time.
Over the centuries, superstars in the physical sciences established the Copernican model as an unchallenged fact. This success paved the way for conquest of the biological sciences (Darwin et al). This transvaluation of values and philosophy (Nietzsche et al) then quickly spread to the social and behavioral sciences (Marx, Freud et al), to mathematics (Einstein et al), the Arts (Picasso et al), Education (Dewey et al), and so on through today's media reinforcement of all of the above. ..As the 21st Century gets its feet wet, man's "knowledge" is almost totally secularized and the Bible all but ignored as the source of absolute Truth from God Himself. ..The "sciences" reign supreme, and they do so because of the victory of Copernicanism over the Bible's motionless earth.
Exposing The Copernican Deception: The Cataclysmic Impact On Every Field Of Modern Man’s Knowledge
What strikes you as being some thoughts that people would have if--in the short space of a few weeks--the universally held conviction that the Earth rotates on an "axis" daily and orbits the sun annually was exposed as an unscientific deception?
Keep in mind that a rotating, orbiting earth is not counted as a mere hypothesis or even a theory anywhere in the world today. Oh no. Rather, this concept is an unquestioned "truth"; an established "fact" in all books and other media everywhere, church media included.
Copernicanism, in short, is a concept that is protected in a bunker under a 50 foot thick ceiling of solid "scientific" concrete. It is meant to be impregnable. It is a concept that has become ensconced in men’s minds as the indestructible cornerstone of enlightened modern man’s knowledge. Virtually all people everywhere have been taught to believe--and do believe--that this concept is based on objective science and dispassionate secular reasoning, now long since freed from religious superstitions based on the Bible.
Indeed, it was this Copernican heliocentricity concept that gradually broke the back of Bible credibility as the source of Absolute Truth in Christendom. Once the Copernican Revolution had conquered the physical sciences of Astronomy and Physics and put down deep roots in Universities and lower schools everywhere, it was only a matter of time until the Biological sciences launched the Darwinian Revolution.
This embrace of Darwinism then quite predictably emboldened increasingly secular-minded mankind to further reject Biblical Absolutism and replace its teachings with yet more new "truths" in areas of learning having to do with economics and government. Thus was unsuccessful and floundering Marxism given new life. Marx openly tried to dedicate his own books to Darwin, exulting: "You have given me the basis for my system". Thus, the "Social Science" disciplines were born and began to make their contributions to the destruction of Bible credibility.
Marx’s less famous and under-rated benefactor, Friedrich Ingles, not only recognized the anti-Bible nature of Darwinism and Marxism, he--more than Marx or any of the rest of those early Communist revolutionaries--fully grasped the overriding importance of protecting the Copernican foundation of the envisioned New World Order from any and all attacks. He worked diligently to fortify against any lingering sporadic counter-attack against the Copernican foundation (by the Lutherans chiefly). He understood that the continued hardening of the Copernican paradigm into unchallengable "fact" status was absolutely essential to the success of Marxism. Engles wrote: " of the basic theses of dialectic materialism [Communism], is the inseparability of movement from matter...."1 (Anti-Communists, think on that a minute!!) (Also: Check pp.25-27 in THE EARTH IS NOT MOVING for this statement and for other quotations by Communist physicists and mathematicians about how mathematics were "created" and how Leninist theory "reconstructed the mathematical sciences" to rule out any non-moving (inert) body in the universe, i.e., to rule out the Biblical model of a stationary Earth at the center of God’s Creation and simultaneously give atheism its "scientific" foundation....)
Notice then the progression after the conquest of the physical sciences to...the biological the social sciences and thence to the behavioral sciences....
Enter Sigmund Freud from far left stage. Freud--thoroughly marinated in evolution’s juices and ready to turn every sexual perversion from the Talmud’s pages (HERE: into normal behavior and world notoriety--stated flatly: "Man is not different from, or better than, the animals." 2 He also declared that " is no illusion. But it would be an illusion to suppose that we could get anywhere else what IT cannot give us."3
Lest today’s younger generation be unaware of the ineffably pervasive impact that Freud’s evolution-based, ostensibly secular "knowledge of the mind" witchcraft [i.e., psychology] has had, here are just a few assessments: "Sigmund Freud’s name is as cardinal in the history of human thought a Charles Darwin’s."4 "Few others in the history of the world have had a more profound influence on the way man thinks about himself."5 "The very intellectual air we breathe has been infused with Freud’s categories of thought."6 "No other thinker in modern times has had a comparable effect upon so many branches of knowledge." 7 Etcetera. (Several revealing pages on Freud at this source: (HERE:
And too, lest we forget that the evolution-based revolutions sparked by the Darwin/Marx/Freud triumvirate in the late 1800’s were TOTALLY dependent on the previous success of the Copernican Revolution, consider the bottom line of what was happening over in the Physics and Astronomy Departments while Freud was at the university in Paris in the mid-1880’s: That bottom line is that the negative results of the Michelson-Morley interferometer experiments conducted in Europe and the U.S. in the 1880’s consistently showed no orbital motion of the Earth around the sun. No motion. Period. (Shades of Joshua: "Sun, stand THOU still!" [Jos.10:12])
"...this unexpected result kept the scientific world long in perplexity....." 8 wrote Hans Reichenbach in his insightful book From Copernicus To Einstein. He further noted: "This result, announced in 1887, dumfounded scientists...." ("Dumfounded" means "astonished, amazed, astounded, bewildered, confounded, flabbergasted, shocked and stunned".) This was serious business! The whole cult with its "science" idol was in jeopardy! Over three centuries of carefully layered propaganda and indoctrination had defeated and all but buried the Bible’s account of a stationary Earth. The outer wall of the Bible’s claim to Truth had been battered down by radical members of the scientific priesthood. And now they were on the verge of breaking through the second line of defense with the Evolution battering ram. This breakthrough was designed to defeat and bury not only the Creation account of man created in the image of God, but the whole Creation scenario set out in the Bible. No Creation; no Garden of Eden; no Satan; no Temptation; no Fall; no need for Jesus to redeem from the fallen condition.... What’s left of Christianity but a bunch of rituals and traditions?!)
The long and the short of all this is that the science establishment was thrown into an absolute funk with a capital "F" by the interferometer experiments! The word "unthinkable" got a lot of exercise. World class scientists such as Poincare’, Maxwell, Lorentz, and FitzGerald heaved and sweated mightily to hold the establishment’s house of cards together. The situation was desperate.
Then, in 1905, a savior appeared. This savior--this man who rescued the ruling theoretical science establishment from its potentially lethal enemy (The Truth!); this savior--who advanced a theory of Relativity which seemingly ruled out forever any challenge to the Communist/Kabbalist physics (HERE: and HERE: which forbade any inertia in the universe--was feted with red carpet and parades and statues in capitols around the world. His name became synonymous with unequaled IQ-busting human intelligence. From a long list of great men and women at the end of the 20th Century, Einstein was chosen "Man of the Century".
His crowning achievement? Why so glorified by a humanist controlled media and "Education" Establishment? Well, after all, he did rescue the Copernican foundation of all modern man’s "knowledge" from exposure as a lie! He deserved what he got from those who gave it to him.
On pages 110-133 (and elsewhere) in The Earth Is Not Moving one can see how the shenanigans posing as science that led to the secular canonization of Einstein developed. Suffice it to say, here is what the evidence plainly demonstrates:
1) Einstein’s Relativity hypothesis rescued heliocentricity from the findings of over 200 experiments which showed that the earth was not moving.
2) These experiments threatened to undo over 300 years of successful labor to transmute fictionized (i.e., Cabalized) mathematics into the basis of modern science.
3) Moreover, by threatening the Copernican Paradigm, i.e., the very foundation--the raison d' etre--of this successful transmutation, these experiments contained the deadly potential of thwarting the rooting process of Darwinism, Marxism, Freudianism, Einsteinism, and (later) Saganism. These isms were essential to victory in this spiritual warfare which intended to get rid of the Biblical God, and especially His Son Jesus, and return to Paganism. Atheist philosopher Nietzsche summed up what was really at stake just before the experiments threatened the whole unfolding secular game plan: "God is dead", he said. "We have killed Him with our science."
4) From F. Engles on, Communist (atheist) physics would allow nothing to be motionless in the universe, thereby "scientifically" ruling out the Biblically mandated stationary and immovable Earth.
5) Einsteinian Relativity is anti-Biblical, but it is not a wholly secular concept. Indeed, it is an essential part of another "creation account" given in another "holy book", i.e., the Kabbala. This "holy book", with its 13th century Rabbinical concept of a "Big Bang-Expanding Universe" (HERE:, is an instrument of another religion which--along with the Talmud--specifically targets the Bible--and especially the New Testament of Jesus Christ--for destruction.
6) It is a surpassingly interesting "coincidence" that the Kabbala also promotes, Zionism, and Dispensationalism (HERE: & HERE:
Anti-Bible, anti-Jesus Kabbalism/Talmudism rules modern man’s "knowledge".
As to the developments in the world of "science" that have followed upon hyper-Zionist Einstein’s promotion of Kabbalistic "creationism", again, much that is pertinent regarding Sagan, Sakharov, etc., will be found in the book mentioned above. Also, recently added links demonstrating the connections of all this to Saganesque and Goldinite goals of establishing extraterrestrial evolutionism thru NASA’s "Origins Program" using Virtual Reality Technology can be sampled (HERE: & HERE: & HERE: & HERE:
So, since it is essentially beyond argument that man’s knowledge (what he thinks is true) is ultimately determined by his beliefs about the ORIGIN of all that exists, it follows inexorably that all five categories of knowledge held by an individual or a whole population will be colored and shaped by what is thought to be true about ORIGINS. (The Five Categories of Knowledge are: Physical Sciences; Natural Sciences; Social [and Behavioral] Sciences; Arts & Humanities; Religion.)
Thus, as we’ve seen, when Copernican "science" (in spite of ALL observational and experimental evidence to the contrary!) captured the Physical Science "disciplines", a great change in man’s beliefs about the place of the Earth and of mankind in the universe gradually took over and became "fact". Reduced by Copernicanism to just another speck of flotsam in the universe, man’s image of himself and the Earth as special creations by God for a special purpose was steadily eroded. Since then, mankind has been relentlessly conditioned by "education" and ever increasingly sophisticated media indoctrination to add yet other levels of nihilistic philosophy to his "knowledge" of what theoretical "science" tells him is true. And it all got its liftoff by the two hundred year rise to success of a mathematical model of Copernican heliocentricity! To this very day, this model, astonishingly, has not one piece of incontrovertible evidence that cannot be scientifically countered with the Biblical geocentrism model (HERE: - HERE:
So, in due time Darwinism reinforced Copernicanism in the battle to destroy Bible credibility. This ostensibly new (but really ancient paganistic) "scientific" breakthrough of evolutionism complimented and greatly advanced the Copernican deception about ORIGINS and was designed to get God out of the Creation business altogether.
Darwin, of course, only popularized evolutionism with his book in 1859, giving it a supposed mechanism thru natural selection and mutations, both since demonstrated to be utter nonsense. The actual roots of the evolutionary concept can be traced back to indeed can the roots of Copernican heliocentricism. Certainly the neo-heliocentrists, i.e., the early Copernicans such as Kepler were evolutionists. Galileo, like Kepler his friend, a neo-heliocentrist, was probably an evolutionist. Newton gave Copernicanism its biggest boost with his book in 1687, but I’ve seen no overt evidence that he was an evolutionist. (If you know of such evidence, I'd like to see it....)
Thanks, however, to Newton’s invented math and the excesses of his gravitational hypotheses (HERE:, Copernicanism dug in its heels in the universities in the 1700’s, and by the last quarter of that century had produced a large crop of hard core heliocentrists, not a few of whom were advocating ape-man theories (amongst them, Darwin’s grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, Voltaire’s disciples in France, etc.). This was the age of "The Enlightenment" which produced Thomas Paine, the celebrated pamphleteer of the American Revolution, whom George Washington referred to as "that filthy little atheist". Thomas Jefferson's and Ben Franklin’s Deism was commonplace in Europe as well as amongst the rebellious American colonies. During the French Revolution of the 1790’s the Bible was actually outlawed.
These developments were sixty to a hundred years and more before Darwin, but the damage to Bible credibility done by the Copernican Revolution by that time was making an ever-widening open door for Evolutionism to take root. By 1830--even before Darwin (with his Degree in Theology, not Biology) went to the Galapagos Islands and began to formulate his mythology, Charles Lyell (with his degree in Law, not Geology) had advanced his idea of a "geologic column" with great ages attached to alleged descending layers of the earth. Though such a column has never, ever been confirmed, and though there are mountainous examples of the theoretically old layers being on top of the supposedly more recent ones, and though the Cambrian layer shows a sudden profusion of highly developed life forms with no antecedents, Darwin picked up on Lyell’s fantasy and it is still taught as a proof of an ancient earth and macro-evolutionism.
These developments--and a book full of like examples that could be cited--are mentioned here merely to underscore what--ironically--is obvious and understood by all evolutionists, namely, that the gradual and thorough success of the Copernican Revolution prepared the soil for the introduction and steady growth and spread of the Darwinian Revolution. The only people who won’t admit that Copernicanism’s success made Darwinism’s success possible, and that Copernicanism is just as contra-Scriptural as Darwinism, are, of all people, the most visible Christian Creationists and the organizations they represent. It’s crazy. (See: "Genesis 1:1-5: Creationist Stonewalling: of Bible Geocentricity" & "The Universe: Finite Or Infinite"?: Also: HERE: & HERE: & HERE: & HERE:
Anyway, after a few generations Darwin’s disciples had secured control of all levels of "education" [indoctrination] and--disregarding the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and The Law of Biogenesis--had succeeded in incorporating the scientifically unsustainable and logically impossible evolutionary hypotheses into modern man’s knowledge bank. The groundwork for getting God out of the ORIGINS business was pretty well handled. Then, as noted, heliocentricity and evolutionism marched on to conquer all but a few holdouts in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Arts, and Religion.
No area of man’s understanding has escaped this relentless conquest of "knowledge" described in the Bible over 1900 years ago as:
"...profane and vain babblings,
and oppositions of science falsely so called."
(I Timothy 6:20).
Well, many would say: Even if all this is the truth about man’s knowledge today and how it got to be the contorted mess it is, what can be done about it?! It’s too pervasive, too entrenched, too well protected by powerful interests for anything to be done to even expose it, much less stop it!
Humanly speaking, this is true.
From God’s viewpoint, however, it is as good as done!
When one can read words written over 1900 years ago which tell of a One World Government (Rev.13:7,16,17, etc.), of global telecommunications (Rev. 11:9,10;etc.), of biotech cloning of a human (Rev. 13:15), of laser tatoos and micro-chip implantations for surveillance and identification (Rev. 13:16,17), of over 300 documentable fulfillments of Old Testament prophecies, etc., one should know that those ancient words--and all the other words by the same Author--will be fulfilled in a timely manner. Don’t argue with God’s Book! You will lose....
And what that Author has written is that Satan (the author of confusion: I Cor.14:33) is responsible for this systematic construction of the body of "knowledge" which rules the world today (II Cor.4:4). This body of "knowledge" is "foolishness to God" (I Cor. 3:19). He laughs at its if it would defeat His Plans (Psalm 2:4)! HE calls this bogus "knowledge" by its real name, i.e., Babylonish confusion...which He will utterly lay bare in "one hour--one day" (Rev.18:8,10,17,19). This "knowledge" is rotten to the core with deception and is absolutely antithetical to the Truths of God that will govern on that eternal New Earth (HERE: & HERE: without opposition (Is.14:16; Rev.20:10).
When does this Fall of Babylon take place?
That same unimpeachable Source of Absolute Truth declares that Babylon is scheduled for exposure and defeat "one hour" after a Global Government is established (Rev. 17:12,14; I. John 3:8). How close to realization is the Global Government (which is being brought on stage by globalization of increasingly unstable economies and by the need (or excuse!) to prevent access to weapons of mass destruction by terrorists )? Well, just so close--plus "one hour"--is The Fall of Babylon, i.e., The Fall of Confusion About What Is True And What Is False; that is to say: The Fall of Man’s "Knowledge" Founded On Bible-Contradicting Deceptions.
And--even if many, many millions, nay, Billions!--may wish it were otherwise, Satan "knows his time is short" (Rev.12:12).
Where does the God of fulfilled prophecies begin the process that will trigger events that lead directly to: a) The Fall of Babylon, b) The Scriptural unfolding of the Seven Trumpet events, c) The "little season", d) And the end of this earth’s history and the beginning of the eternal New Earth?
It begins where it is written that it will begin, namely, " the house of God" (I Peter 4:17,18). (HERE:
Read that piece and you will know why God's Judgment begins in the Christian churches.... Without exception, all of these churches have denied plain Scripture which declares a moving sun and a stationary Earth. Instead, all have bowed the knee to Occult Scientism on this pivotal Origins Subject, and, in doing so, have given Satan the platform he needed to subvert all "knowledge" and bring Bible Christianity to the very brink of destruction. Yet, God has written: "...the gates of hell shall not prevail against Christ's Church" (Matt:16:18). So; Churches: God's Judgment Begins with you, and it begins with your repentance for your role in giving Satan the platform he needed to accomplish his goal of destroying the credibility of the Bible without which neither Jesus nor His Church can stand. Get ready for it....
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