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By A. True Ott, PhD, ND
According to the Los Angeles Sunday Times newspaper dated May 24, 2009, a meeting of some of the world’s richest billionaires took place in Manhattan on May 5, 2009.
De acuerdo a el Tiempo edicion dominical de Los Angeles del Mayo 24 una reunion de algunos de los hombres billonarios mas ricos del Mundo se llevo a cabo en Manjatan el 5 de Mayo 2009( vease apendice1)
(See addendum #1). These “elite” reached a uniform consensus during this meeting – that OVERPOPULATION is the single greatest threat facing Planet Earth.
Estos elites llegaron al acuerdo en grupo durante esta reunion --de que la SOBREPOBLACION es la amenaza singular principal que enfrenta al Planeta Tierra
Mr. George Soros, international banker and agent of the Rothschild family, was also in attendance, and actually led much of the discussion, it was reported.
 El Sr George Soros, Bankero Internacional y agente de la familia Rothschild estaba tambien presente y hasta dirijio gran parte de debate segun los reportes.
For a biography and curriculum vitae of this warped individual and his vision for mass sterilization/depopulation of the planet, see Addendum #2.
Para ver la biografia y la hoja de vida de este individuo desequilibrado y sus miras para la esterelizacion/despoblacion en masa del planeta (vease apendice 2)
The elite’s agenda of mass depopulation is no longer covert. It is no longer the realm of “National Secret Memorandums” (see NSSM-200 authored by Henry Kissinger and Zbignew Brezinsky back in 1974)
La agenda de los elites de despoblar en masa ya no es escondida., ya no esta en el departamento de "los Memoriales Secretos de la Nacion" (vease NSSM-200 elaborado por H Kissinger y Z Brezinsky en 1974)
It is today public knowledge. It is indeed their top “agenda” item for immediate implementation this year – 2009.
Hoy ya todos lo saben. esta realmente encabezando su "agenda" para ser aplicada a mas tardar este 2009 
I would submit that these billionaires are men and women of action. When they come to a joint consensus, a detailed plan is quickly and decisively put into action – especially if they perceive that their “plan” is literally going to “save the planet”.
Yo digo que estos son personas de accion. Cuando se ponen  de acuerdo unanimo, un plan detallado es rapida y decisivamente  puesto en movimiento -- especialmente si ellos perciven que su "plan" es tan importante que es lo que va a "salvar el Planeta"
There should be little doubt that they would have a brilliant plan of action that they are most definitely implementing as you are reading this.
No deberia caber duda que tienen un plan esplendido el cual estan aplicando mientras que lees esto
These individuals did not get to be billionaires by being stupid, or by merely discussing ideas and concepts over dinner. They, of course, would also know how to keep their depopulation activities camouflaged and hidden from public scrutiny.
Estos in
After all, they reason that only THEY know what is best for the planet.
Let’s look at the elite’s depopulation plan from a standpoint of logic and common sense. Of course they realize that only a very small fraction of the world’s population (especially in the Western 1st World nations) would eagerly and willingly step forward and volunteer that their lineage and bloodlines would be severed by means of a permanent sterilization “vaccination”. It is obvious, therefore, that such a “sterilization vaccine” would need to be disguised as something else, a truly global false-flag program fueled by their controlled media propaganda and fear-mongering. I would submit that a worldwide faux “influenza pandemic” would be an absolutely perfect cover.
Prior to the year 1998, the available depopulation tools that could be utilized by such “global elitists” were fairly limited; diseases, famine, wars and even natural disasters could each be developed and actually implemented by a designed plan. These depopulation tools are rather messy, however, and often hard to completely control. However, thanks to the work of Dr. Richard A. Fayrer –Hosken at the University of Georgia, a new and completely effective depopulation tool is now available – indeed, a simple little VACCINE SHOT can today cause permanent sterility. (See Addendum 3 attached for the international patent of this “immunosterilization vaccine”.)
Fayrer-Hosken’s invention has been successfully tested and found to be effective on all mammals, including the African elephant, although the potential long-term side effects are still being compiled. What exactly is the active ingredients of this sterilization vaccine? Primarily the sterilization vaccine contains antigens from PORCINE (pig) glyco-proteins (viruses are a form of glyco-proteins) bonded with a powerful oil-in-water “adjuvant” called squalene. (See addendum 3).
Is it just a coincidence that Novartis’ master patent for the “swine flu” vaccine utilizes swine (porcine) glycol-proteins bonded with a powerful oil-in-water “adjuvant” called squalene?
Is it just a coincidence that Novartis’ “swine flu” vaccine product information circular, section 8.1, includes this warning paragraph: “Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with this —[vaccine]. It is also not known whether the vaccine can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman, OR CAN AFFECT REPRODUCTION CAPACITY.” (Emphasis added.)
It would also seem highly logical that a sterilization vaccine disguised as a pandemic influenza vaccine would require a complete blanket shield against liability lawsuits and litigation as well – for such claims would undoubtedly number in the hundreds of millions. (Oops, sorry the vaccine made you sterile Mrs. Jones – we had absolutely no idea, you see!) Of course, such blanket immunity from lawsuits is exactly what has been given to the “swine flu” vaccine manufacturers and promoters by our corrupt federal government.
It is clear that the “swine flu” pandemic is no more serious than the common cold – but it is also increasingly clear that the VACCINE is the real danger. If the squalene adjuvant cripples and even kills the victim in addition to making him/her permanently stable, then I am confident that is perfectly ok with George Soros and his breed. Make no mistake, however, the entire agenda behind this pandemic vaccine hype is very likely the covert “immunosterilization” of the human herd!
A. True Ott, PhD, ND

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