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Alan Watt Sept 1, 2009 Tajando la Super Red

Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 1st 2009.  The newcomers to the show should look in to web site, bookmark all the other sites I have up there because there will be trouble with the big servers in the near future. 
Hola amigos, soy Alan Watt esto es 'Tajando la Super Red' para Septiembre 1, 2009.  A Los que llegan aqui por primera vez, les aconsejo que visiten los enlaces aqui subrayados y los guarden en caso que sean necesarios en el futuro.

I know, I’ve had it in the past.  Bookmark the other sites, then you can always download the latest shows if anything happens.  Plus, if you get sticking when you’re downloading, it’s because too many people are going into the .com site at the same time.  So if you try one of the other sites it should be easier.  [listed above]  There’s also; this is the European site which has the same audios as the others but it also has transcripts of quite a few of the shows written in the various languages of Europe, for print up and to pass around to your friends. 
Yo ya he tenido problemas, es mejor tener varios sitios para bajar informacion en caso de que uno falle 

I always tell people that this is probably the only show where the listeners themselves bring me to them.  This is not a business.  It’s not an empire-building thing.  It’s not a career.  It’s really an urgency, something that must be done.
Siempre les digo que este es probablemente el unico programa donde los oyentes me traen a si. yo lo hago no por negocio o para crear un gran imperio. Tampoco es una carrera, es algo URGENTE, algo que se debe hacer

  That’s why I’m on the air.  I depend upon you, the listeners, to keep me going.  You can do it by buying the books and so on that I have for sale.  They’re different kinds of books.  I don’t go into just the general histories of things, I show you how we’re being CONNED for probably thousands of years. 
Por eso es que estoy al aire. Dependo de ustedes, los oyentes, para continuar. Me pueden ayudar comprando alguno de mis varios libros. Yo no simplemente hablo de la historia general de las cosas, demuestro como es que nos han venido ENGAÑANDO quizas por miles de años

People thousands of years ago - they’ve said this too - they had the same size skulls as we do today.  They certainly used them.  Knowledge was very ancient, even in ancient times.  Wise men have always been around who knew how to con the public. 
Ellos nos lo han dicho que la gente del pasado tenian sus craneos del mismo tamaño que ahora. Con certeza que lo sabian usar. Aun entonces el conocimiento era muy antiguo. Siempre hubieron los sabios que sabian como engañar al publico.
That’s really what history is.  It’s just minorities of elites, power mongers, bringing a system in to get everyone dependent on it, called money.  Once that’s done, they simply ride on the backs of the public and guide the public wherever they want them to go… to gain more power for themselves.  That’s all we are, really.  That’s what history’s all about. 
De eso es que esta compuesta la historia. Es el sistema de las minorias de elites, manipuladores del poder para hacer a todos dependientes de su sistema monetario. Una vez que esta montado solo es necesario acaballarse sobre las espaldas de la gente y guiarlos donde ellos quieran... y adquiriendo asi cada vez mas poder. Eso es lo que somos. De eso es que esta compuesta la historia. 
You never see in fictional dramas or docudramas, as they like to call them today, how the peasants lived.  It’s just not exciting enough.  It’s always how the rich lived in the Middle Ages and royalty and so on, right up to the present.  Really, to the historians that’s all that’s important; and to those that rule the world, that’s all that’s important too.
Nunca se ve en las dramas o docudramas, como las llaman ahora, como era que vivian los campesinos. No es suficientemente exitante;  siempre nos muestran como es que han vivido los ricos de las Eras Medias, la Realeza y otros como estos, eso lo vemos incluso ahora. Realmente eso es lo que les importa a los historiadores, y tambien a los que controlan el mundo.  

One peasant is exchangeable for another peasant regardless of what country or groups of countries they’re ruling over.  Therefore I go into different angles and show you how cons work throughout history and how coding works as well.  These guys, like Albert Pike said, never speak so plainly as when they do in public, it’s just that the public never understand what they’re actually saying.  Everything in the language is coded. 
Un campesino es intercambiable por otro, no importa de que pais o grupo de paises de los cuales ellos gobiernan. Es por eso que yo voy por diferentes angulos para demostrar como es que los engaños han sido perpetrados por toda la historia, y desvelo sus codigos tambien. Estos personajes, como lo dijo Albert Pike nunca hablan tan claro como cuando hablan en publico, porque la gente nunca entiende lo que ellos dicen en su lenguage en codigo
So look in to my site.  You’ll see how to buy the books, get the disks and so on.  You can also to donate to me through PayPal.  For those in the US and Canada, you can send personal check or money order to me.  Outside the Americas, there’s Money Gram and Western Union.  Some people just send cash. 
Asi que ven a sitio. ahi podras ordenar los libros y compactos. Tambien puedes donar por medio de PayPal. Los residentes en EE.UU y Canada me pueden enviar cheques personales o giros. Fuera de Norte America, puedes usar 'Money Gram' o 'Western Union' algunos simplemente envian dinero en efectivo.

For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, write to me at [listed above].  As I say, that’s very important that you keep it going if you’re getting something out of what I’m saying.  I don’t dizzy you with UFOs or tell you to take drugs and get out-of-body experiences.  I think there’s different answers to this.  You’ve got to understand what’s going on.  Back with more after these messages. 
Aquellos que reciben los compactos grabados por otros, me pueden escribir a mi correo. Como les digo, es muy importante mantenerse al dia, yo no les confundo con historias de ovnis, o les digo que tomen drogas para salir del cuerpo. Tienes que entender que es lo que esta pasando.
Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is a good term really, a good name for this show because it’s the reality that we’ve been given.  All reality comes through a channel, you might say, censored and worked out by the big boys to make sure we all get the same indoctrination worldwide. 
Continuamos 'Tajando la Super Red', la Super Red es un nombre apropiado para este programa, porque asi es que esta formada la realidad que se nos ha dado. Toda realidad viene por lo que se podria llamar un canal sensurado y manipulado por los grandes que se aseguran de que recibamos la misma adoctrinacion en todo el Mundo.
That’s what the global village is all about… to make sure we’re all in Plato’s cave.  Again, even the Plato’s cave analogy is very, very good to do with the matrix because Plato gives you an example of people who were brought up in a cave.  That’s all they knew was the cave.  They couldn’t turn around to see the entrance to the cave so their back always faced the entrance. 
De eso es que se trata el llamado 'Pueblo Global', para asegurarse de que todos estemos en la 'Caverna de Platon', el analogo con la Caverna de Plato es muy, muy bueno relacionado con la Super Red, Platon nos da un ejemplo de personas que habian sido criadas en la caverna. Eso era todo lo que ellos conocian, la Caverna. No podian voltearse para mirar la entrada, siempre estaban de espaldas hacia la salida.

They saw the shadows of the sun as the sun passed the cave entrance every so often.  Any animals outside, even people walking past, cast shadows at the back of the cave.  That’s all they could see. 
Veian las sombras hechas por el sol cuando pasaba por la entrada. Los animales y la gente que pasaban, lanzaban sombras hacia el fondo de la caverna. Eso era lo unico que veian. 

So their reality was made up of philosophies and a kind of religion to do with what caused all of these shadows and the movement that seemed to be at the back of the cave.  Their whole reality, their reason for life or existence, etc, was all founded on the fact that they were born and raised in a cave.  That’s all they knew. 
Entonces su realidad fue construida con filosofias y un tipo de religion basada en la causa de esas sombras y ese movimiento que parecia estar al fondo de la caverna. Toda su realidad, su razon de vida o existencia, todo estaba cementado en el hecho de haber nacido y criados en una caverna. Era todo lo que conocian. 

Then one guy eventually broke free, got out into the big world and he came back and says, you know we all were wrong about everything, EVERYTHING.  Everything, all the summaries about the causes of the shadows and so on and the shapes that we see in the back of the cave are ALL completely bogus.  They’re all wrong.  Once he explained to them how the big the world was, they wanted to kill him… for shattering their reality. 
Un dia uno de ellos logro salir al amplio mundo de afuera, regreso diciendoles que estaban errados acerca de todo, DE TODO. Todo, todas sus conclusiones acerca de las causas de las sombras y de las formas vistas al fondo de la caverna, TODO era ficticio. Todos estaban equivocados. Una vez que les explico como era el mundo de afuera..... todos lo querian linchar por quebrar su realidad
That’s what the matrix is too.  It’s no different than the newswires.  There’s 2 main newswires for the whole planet, really just one.  It’s well understood and it’s published knowledge that the Rothschilds own Reuters, the big one.
Asi es que es la Super Red, no se diferencia de las fuentes de noticias, existens 2 fuentes de noticias para todo el Planeta, o mejor dicho las dos forman parte de una sola. Esta ya bien entendido que los Rothschild son dueños de Reuter, la principal.

All the other newspapers take their stories from that.  They also know what to avoid if they come across their own stories.  Because if it’s not authorized by Reuters - I call it Routers because they route the news - then it might be dangerous to print something that’s not IN a Reuters story. 
Todos los periodicos reciben las noticias de ahi. Saben que evitar si se encuentran con sus propias historias, si no esta autorizado por Reuter. Podria ser peligroso publicar algo que no este de acuerdo con sus historias.

So whenever you copy from Reuters is authorized and so they feel safe with that.  They run with it.  That’s how simple it is to give a whole world a reality.  
asi que cuando copias de reuter, esa infomacion ya esta autorizada, es asi que los periodicos se sienten seguros. es asi de facil darle al mundo una realidad uniforme.

They also use education.  That’s what UNESCO is for at the United Nations.  I’ve urged people to go into the writing of the first CEO of UNESCO and read what its actual goals are. 
Tambien utilizan la educacion. para eso esta la UNESCO parte de la Naciones Unidas. Les sugiero que lean los escritos del primer Presidente de UNESCO para que vean cual son sus verdaderos objetivos.

It was to take over the entire educational system of the planet and to indoctrinate children into a totally different way of living… uncontaminated by their parents’ old-fashioned, moralistic ideas.  Julian Huxley, that’s the man. 
Esos objetivos son de tomar el sistema educativo de todo el Planeta y adoctrinar a los niños a una forma de vida totalmente diferente......libre de contaminacion de las ideas anticuadas, moralisticas de sus parientes.  Julian Huxley, ese es el hombre.

You should get a hold of his books and read them thoroughly.  He laid the future down straight, for those that want to read his books.  Big player.  He sat in on all the big think tanks that planned the next 100 years, even back then, and beyond, as his brother did too, Aldous Huxley. 
Deberias hacerte a sus libros y leerlos a fondo, veras los planes futuros en esos libros. Julian fue uno de los grandes participantes y formo parte de los grandes tanques de ideas que planeaban los siguientes 100 años, aun en ese tiempo, asi como lo hizo su hermano Aldus. 

You think about them, really.  I’ve gone through the Huxleys and how they go right back to Darwins and Sir Thomas Huxley, the best friend of Darwin and how eventually they were intermarried, etc.  Their descendants, all the same families descendants are still running the think tanks today and the Optimum Population Trust for reducing population.  It’s astonishing, really. 
Realmente que resaltan a la vista, he examinado a los Huxley desde los tiempos de Darwin y el Sr Tomas Huxley quien era el mejor amigo de Darwin; al final, sus familias se mesclaron en matrimonios. Sus decendientes, TODAS LAS MISMAS FAMILIAS DE SUS DECENDIENTES CONTINUAN CONTROLANDO LOS TANQUES DE IDEAS DE HOY, y el Grupo Autonomo para Poblacion Optima, su mision, la reduccion de la poblacion. Es algo asombroso.

It’s so funny too, in a sense, that we’ve all heard about nut cases and conspiracies for years and years and years, mentioning certain family names, etc and only to find out that it’s TRUE. 
Algo gracioso es que todos hemos venido escuchando casos de conspiradores locos por años y años, nombrando ciertas familias, etc, y ahora descubrimos que es VERDAD.

Now, everything really is out in the open.  It’s all true.  It’s just that nobody really cares now.  That’s the sad part about it.  As I said at the beginning of the show, that’s all history is. 
Ahora todo se ha destapado, es verdad, pero ya a nadie le importa. Eso es la parte trizte, como les dije al principio, de eso es que esta compuesta la historia.

It’s just the stories of the continuities of certain families down through hundreds or thousands of years riding on the backs of peasants whom they kept in line with terror, basically. 
De la continua historia de ciertas familias a lo largo de cientos o miles de años acaballados sobre los campesinos mantenidos en linea por medio del terror.

They used to have weekly beheadings.  You’d get hung, then you’d get drawn and quartered.  Horrible deaths… just to make sure the peasants all got the message.  That’s how the world has been run.
Tenian la practica de deguellos, ahorcamientos y descuartises; muertes horribles... solo para asegurarse que los campesinos entendieran el mensaje, asi lo hacian antes. 

Now, it’s run by psychology mainly, and propaganda, plus a universal standard education system

That’s what Lenin said they’d bring in.  Karl Marx advocated it too.  Lenin, then Stalin said that they’d really have to pay the teachers very, very well, indeed… and the police and the military, to keep everyone in check for this new world order.  
Eso fue lo que Lenin dijo que ellos traerian. Tambien Karl Marx lo recomendo. Primero Lenin, despues Stalin dijeron que habia que pagarles muy bien a los educadores, a la policia y al ejercito para mantener a todos bajo control en este nuevo orden mundial

These are the terms THEY use, the new world order.  Stalin used it.  So did Adolf Hitler.  Then we find that the Fabian Mr. Brown used it, the Prime Minister of Britain at the G20 meeting.  It’s up on YouTube; you’ll hear him say it himself… the new world order.
Estas son las expresiones que ELLOS usan, 'el nuevo orden mundial' igual lo usaron Stalin, Adolf Hitler, y tambien hace poco, el Fabiano Gordon Brown, Primer Ministro de Inglaterra en la ultima reunion de los 20G. Lo puedes ver en 'youtube'

Everybody who used that term in the past, when we quoted them, people would laugh at it because they wouldn’t hear it on mainstream.  It wasn’t just that they couldn’t hear it, it’s just that they don’t hear anything that matters on mainstream.  They’re more into the trivia.  That’s what they remember… and Hollywood entertainment and Michael Jackson and so on.
Cuando señalabamos en el pasado cuando ellos citaban ese termino, la gente se reia porque no lo escuchaban en las fuentes principales. No era que no lo podian escuchar, era porque no escuchan nada que sea importante. Les interesa mas la bagatela, eso es lo que les queda en la mente..... las peliculas de Hollywood, el pato donald, los siete enanitos, Michael Jacson etc. 
These people, of course, are the PERFECTLY CONDITIONED.  The ones I’m talking about.  This is what democracy HINGES on.  That MOST of the people can be conned completely, fooled, and brainwashed completely into their matrix; into their Plato’s cave. 
Es a esa gente a la que se le ha puesto en TRANCE PERFECTO. Ese es el eje sobre el cual la democracia gira. Confiando en que a la mayoria de la gente se le puede engañar, embobar y lavar el cerebro de una forma completa y ser puestos en la Super Red; en la caverna de Platon

It works very well.  I’ve got an audio on my archives section on my web site of Aldous Huxley giving a speech at Berkley where he talked about the percentage of the population who are suggestible. 
Funciona muy bien. Tengo un audio en mi seccion archivos de Aldus haciendo un discurso en Berkley donde habla del porcentaje de personas que son sugestibles

He said that simple suggestion works on about 20% of the public immediately, or even 40% I think.  It could even be 60%.  It was a BIG number. 
Dijo que la sugestion simple puede afectar a un 20% del publico immedatamente, o hasta un 40% creo. Podria ser tal vez 60%, en todo caso hablo de un numero GRANDE.

Then he said with a bit more intense suggestion, another 20% will fall under. 
Luego dijo que con un una sugestion un poco mas intensa, un otro 20% serian vencidos

So it was 60%, then 20%.  He says but 20%, they have a hard time with the last 20%… getting them to come under the spell of suggestion, which is like mild hypnosis. 
Tambien dice que existe un 20% al cual no es tan facil dominar con su formula de sugestion, que es algo como hipnosis leve

But most folk, let’s say 60%, are instantly suggestible.  They will question NOTHING that comes across the mainstream media. 
Pero la mayoria, digamos el 60% son sugestionables al instante. No indagaran NADA que venga por medio de los principales medios de difusion
That’s what Brzezinski was talking about in his book Between Two Ages.  Where he says people will be unable to THINK OR EVEN REASON FOR THEMSELVES unless it’s on the mainstream media.  That’s happened. 
De eso era que hablaba Brzezinski en su libro En Medio de Dos Eras. Decia que LA GENTE NO PODRA PENSAR O SIQUIERA RAZONAR POR ELLOS MISMOS A MENOS QUE LO HAYAN VISTO EN LOS MEDIOS DE DIFUSION. Eso es lo que tenemos ahora.

Therefore, if you tell them something outside the box that’s not on the mainstream media, they really will think you’re crazy. 
Por lo tanto, si les dicess algo que este fuera del marco de los medios de difusion principales, piensan que estas loco.

They do think the media, the mainstream television and the major shows they see, they really do believe it’s like part of the family, like it’s a relative that’s talking to them night after night on the news.
Piensan que aquellos programas de television que ven, realmente creen que es como parte de sus familias, como si un familiar les estuviese hablando, noche tras noche por las noticias.

  They really do believe this.  They’ve never even considered they’re being lied to.  That’s the majority of the public.  That’s the perfectly conditioned. 
Lo creen sinceramente. Nunca se han imaginado que se les esta mintiendo. Asi esta la mayoria, perfectamente amaestrados
That’s what democracy hinges on.  The elite know that particular group will always swing in favor of what the big boys want them to think or do or how to vote and so on. 
Ese es el eje sobre el cual la 'democracia' gira. Los elites saben con antemano cuales grupos en particular decidiran a favor de lo que los grandes quieren que ellos piensen, voten, etc.

Or even just to accept laws, for instance, without anger or indignation.  That’s what they count on. That’s why they chose democracy.  This term democracy has different meanings for the new world order.  You can count on the bulk of the populous who are completely conditioned. 
O simplemente para la aceptacion de leyes, por ejemplo, sin indignacion o antagonismo. En eso es que ellos confian. Por eso es que han escojido la 'democracia'. La expresion, democracia, tiene un significado diferente para los de el nuevo orden mundial. Se puede contar con la mayoria del vulgo que esta completamente amaestrado.
Their only problem has been the ones who can’t be, the ones who are a bit wiser - for some reason their conditioning, their inoculations didn’t kill off enough brain cells or something - can still see what’s going on. 
Su problema han sido aquellos que no han caido en el engaño, los que son un poco mas sabios --a los que sus manipulaciones y sus vacunas no han logrado matar suficiente parte de sus cerebros-- los que aun pueden ver con claridad.

They’ve always given them a problem down through the centuries.  Therefore, that’s why you’re getting all the surveillance, personal surveillance, to find out not just who they are but to keep tabs on everybody.
Siempre les han causado problemas a lo largo de los siglos. Por eso es que ahora tenemos tanta vigilancia, vigilancia personal, para descubrir quienes son y mantener a todos  marcados

I’ve no doubt about it at all, little lights will blink on in their main computers at central command when someone’s putting out real intelligence to someone else of real intelligence. 
De eso no tengo ninguna duda, pequeñas luces parpadean en sus computadoras en el centro de comando cuando alguien pone inteligencia real a alguien de inteligencia real.

That’s what it’s all about.    They’re quite happy with the 60% who are brain dead.  There’s no problem from them. 
De eso es que se trata. Estan contentos con el 60% que tienen el cerebro muerto. Eso no tiene problema para ellos.

They’ll do what ever they’re told.  If they’re told to line up and get shots… of cyanide, they’ll do it as long as you tell them it’s good for them.  It will happen.  It’s the ones who say, ‘I’m not going to have that,’ that are the problem. 
Hacen lo que se les diga. Si les dicen que hagan fila para una vacuna...... de cianuro, lo haran siempre y cuando los convenzas que es para su bien. Eso va a ocurrir. Son los que dicen, 'yo no acepto eso', esos son el problema
It’s interesting too that Lord Bertrand Russell advocated KILLING, EXTERMINATING those children who were very, very intelligent, who could not be brought in, under sponsorship BY the elite and given special schooling.
Es interesante tambien que el Sr Bertrand Russell recomendaba MATAR, EXTERMINAR aquellos ninos que eran muy, muy inteligentes, a los cuales no se les podia traer bajo patrocinio de los elites y darles educacion especial.  

But he said they would have to emotionally detach themselves from their family roots because they came from poor, lower-class values. 
Pero, dijo el, deberian desligarse emocionalmente de sus raices familiares porque estas venian de las clases bajas, de los pobres y su valores.

However, he says for those children who could not be bribed over, he says, we’d have to extirpate them.  Eradicate them.  Because ONE or TWO people saying the right things with intelligence and facts to back it up in a certain way, that even those who are under perfect conditioning can understand, the spell can be broken.
Sin embargo, dice el, para aquellos niños a quien no se les puede sobornar, es necesario liquidarlos. Liquidarlos. Porque UNA o DOS personas que lleguen a hablar las cosas como son de una forma inteligente, respaldadas con pruebas y de de una forma apropiada, podrian despertar, quebrando el encanto a aquellos que estan bajo control perfecto 

Therefore, they’re very dangerous people.  Very dangerous.  It’s always been that way.  That’s why they go after those who have the ability to just simply point out what really is.  That’s all you’re doing is pointing out what really is, to those who are under the spell and suggestion of how it’s supposed to be.
Por tanto, son personas muy peligrosas. Muy peligrosas. Siempre ha sido asi, por eso es que siempre persiguen a aquellos que tengan la habilidad de simplemente señalar lo que es real. Es eso lo que estamos haciendo aqui, señalando lo que es real,  a aquellos que estan bajo el encanto y la sugestion de una ficcion. 
We’ve all been looted.  It’s incredible that even in the 20s… I said this last night.  They’re showing old documentary clips of the riots that took place in the 20s when the big bankers looted the public. 
Nos han robado a todos. Es increible que ahun en los años 20... eso lo dije anoche, nos estan mostrando cortos de los desordenes publicos del los años 20 cuando los grandes banqueros robaron al publico

Today there’s nothing.  Have you noticed there’s nothing at ALL?  There’s no demonstrations in the streets.  Be back with more after this break. 
Hoy dia no hay nada de esas protestas, lo has notado? ABSOLUTAMENTE NADA. Nadie sale a las calles a manifestar.
Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just talking about reality and suggestion and what it boils down to is confidence.  A con man is a CONfidence man.  That’s what it means.  
Cuando hablamos de la realidad y la sugestion encontramos que todo es asunto de engaño.

He must get your confidence before he can rip you off… with a charming manner as well.  They’re very charming people generally.  That’s what puts you at ease with them.  That’s why you’re conned; you have confidence in them. 
El engañador tiene que primero lograr tu confianza para despues robarte... de una forma encantadora tambien. Por lo general son personas muy simpaticas. Eso es lo que te hace sentir tranquilo con ellos. Por eso es que te engañan; les cojes confianza.

That’s also what politicians are all about and how they create personas for them by the big marketing companies.  They give them personalities for the public but it’s not the real personality.  They’re just actors.  The idea is that you’ve got to have confidence.  For the left wing and the right wing, they’ll give you the appropriate con man.
De eso tambien es que se tratan los politicos, son personajes creados por las compañias de mercadeo. Les dan personajes para mostrar al publico, personajes ficticios. Son simplemente actores, con mucha confianza en ellos mismos. Sea para izquierda o derecha te daran el personaje apropiado.

 That’s why the system has lasted so long, really.  It shouldn’t have lasted so long because it’s been so transparent at times.  In fact, it’s been shattered so many times and it still works as long as someone else comes along, a new guy, and says all the right things again. 
Por eso es que el sistema ha durado tanto, aunque no lo deberia haber hecho ya que de vez en cuando se ha hecho transparente. Es un hecho que algunas veces se ha visto despedazado, pero ahun asi se ha recuperado cuando algun nuevo personaje llega a decir lo que a la gente le gusta escuchar y todo vuelve a la normalidad. 

It works like a charm and people just keep voting.  They keep voting, never realizing that their vote GIVES THE GOVERNMENT LEGAL RIGHTS OVER THEM.  All legal rights over them. 
Funciona como un amuleto, la gente sigue votando, sin darse cuenta que su voto LE DA AL GOVIERNO DERECHOS LEGALES SOBRE ELLOS. Todos los derechos legales sobre ellos.

That’s why in Sovietized countries and now in many other countries including Australia, you have to vote by law so that the government can have authority over you. 
Por eso es que en todos lo paises Sovietizados asi como en otros, incluyendo Autralia, es obligatorio por ley votar, asi el govierno puede mandar sobre sus ciudadanos.

If you don’t vote, technically, legally… in their own strange religion, in fact, it kind of upsets them when they have to pass laws over you and make you go along simply because the rest have gone along.  It’s not tidy enough.  It’s not quite tidy.  So they prefer you to vote to give them authority to do what they want with you. 
Si no votas, tecnicamente, legalmente en su propia extrana religion es algo que los 
Under the definition of democracy the only right the citizen has is to vote.  THAT’S IT.  You can’t recall people.  You can’t kick them out of office.  You can’t say wait a minute, you’ve gone in a completely different direction from your election.  It makes no difference.  Your only right is to vote.  That’s what the Soviet system gave you, the choice of Politburo number 1, 2 or 3 to vote for.  They had the same kind of system in place. 

Confidence is very, very important.  That’s why the new anchor men and women are on the air with about 10 different face lifts throughout the 50-60 years they’re there, because you’ve grown up with them.  They keep them there until they’re falling off the chairs and shaking with Parkinson’s, because you got to have confidence in these characters.  It’s like mom or dad, you’ve grown up listening to them and they’re there every night at 6pm staring you right in the face.  You don’t realize they’re reading a dummy board.  It doesn’t matter.  To YOU, the viewer, they’re familiar to you.  You have confidence in them… and they’d never lie to YOU, obviously.  That’s why big news companies keep telling you that they’re the ‘most trusted media on television.’  The CBC, the Communist Broadcasting Corporation of Canada, which is owned by the government - it’s a government station; our version of the BBC - they actually have ads on all the time telling you that Mr. Mansbridge and these guys are ‘the most trusted newscaster in Canada’.  Even saying that, apparently works.  It must sort of reinforce the con, I guess. 

Confidence.  This leads into the story here.  This is from Reuters, who ROUTES THE REALITY TO YOU.  It’s a safe story to read, obviously, since they printed it. 

Fed urges secrecy on banks in bailout programs
Thu Aug 27, 2009  /  By Jonathan Stempel

NEW YORK, Aug 27 (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Reserve (Alan:  The Federal Reserve.  That’s like the Bank of England or the Bank of Canada.) asked a federal judge not to enforce her order that it reveal the names of the banks that have participated in its emergency lending programs and the sums they received, saying such disclosure would threaten the companies and the economy.  (A:  So disclosing the companies that ripped everybody off and were doing all these con games and Ponzi schemes… it would threaten the companies and the economy.  What economy are they talking about?  The only economy that’s left is this new con game of carbon taxes and trading carbon.)

The central bank filed its request on Wednesday, two days after Chief Judge Loretta Preska of the U.S. District Court in Manhattan ruled in favor of Bloomberg News, which had sought information under the federal Freedom of Information Act.

Preska said the Fed failed to show that revealing the names would stigmatize the banks and result in "imminent competitive harm." The Fed asked the judge not to require disclosure while it readies an appeal.

"Immediate release of these documents will cause irreparable harm to these institutions and to the board's ability to effectively manage the current, and any future, financial crisis," the central bank argued.  (A:  What they’re saying here is that ‘it would significantly harm them’ and they’d lose public confidence.  CONFIDENCE.  They’re confidence men.  CON men, you see.  That’s what this story is all about… that.  About the public losing confidence.  Remember, to be ripped off by a con man, you’ve got to have confidence in the con man.  He’s a great fellow.  Great fellow.  So here’s the perpetrators once again ripping off the world and then getting the government to put you down and your great, great, great, great, great grandchildren, 10 times removed from the future, to pay off this massive, not even a loan but massive GIFT to them by the tax payer, by the government.  Which tells you who the government’s working for.  I hope people realize THAT’S who the government works for.  They don’t work for the public.  Why would you not fix something that was broken?  Why would you keep it broken? …and reward the ones that rip you off?  That’s tells you who they work for.  It’s rather simple isn’t it?  A simple thing that should be taught in kindergarten.  Back with more after these messages.)

Hi folks.   This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to show people out there how confidence works and how confidence men really run the entire financial system because it was ALWAYS a confidence trick.  Money in itself is a confidence trick.  It’s someone’s idea that they managed to persuade others to accept.  They who run the money always run the world.  It’s so simple.  It’s very, very simple isn’t it?  I used to wonder why people who really make things, carpenters and so on, always lived at the bottom level.  While those who dealt WITH money and ledgers and writing about money, MADE ALL THE MONEY.  Something was wrong with this.  I thought MAKING THINGS, actually making things was more important to humanity.  It turns out it’s not, really.  To be stinking rich in this world, you’ve got to deal with money.  You deal with money.  That’s you sole business is dealing with money.  That’s how you get rich.  That’s where all the cons are.  Even Rothschild said it himself.  He said those who figure out the con, basically, of money and all the different kinds of compound interest, etc and how they could never be paid off and all that kind of stuff.  He said they’ll never squeal because they would be working IN those institutions and profiting themselves… well by it too.  So, it’s a truth.  There’s a truth there obviously. 

Going back to this article here from Reuters where here’s the Federal Reserve asking for secrecy on all the banks involved in the rip-offs and how much money they’re getting and all the rest of it. 

Underlying this case and a similar one involving News Corp's (NWSA.O) Fox News Network LLC is a question of how much the public has a right to know (A:  A question about how much the public have a right to know… ) about how the government is bailing out a financial system in a crisis.  (A:  So really, we’re discussed as though we’re peasants.  That’s what they mean by the public.  Do the public have a right to know?  The public’s to pay off all this debt, supposedly; it can never happen by the way.  But the elite are talking about does the public have a right to know [laughs] where their money’s going.)

The Clearing House Association LLC, which represents banks, in a separate filing supported the Fed's call for a delay. It said speculation that banks' liquidity is drying up could cause runs on deposits, and trading partners to demand collateral.

"Survival (A:  This is interesting.) can depend on the ephemeral nature of public confidence," (A:  You know what ephemeral means?  It’s like when artists stand in front of an awful painting and wave their hands about and look upwards and around them.  It’s like in the air, it’s in space, you know, ethereal.  That’s what it’s saying here.  "Survival can depend on the ephemeral nature of public confidence," [laughs].  Confidence again.)  Clearing House general counsel Norman Nelson wrote. "Experience in the banking industry has shown that when customers and market participants hear negative rumors about a bank, negative consequences inevitably flow."  (A:  Well, this guy’s a genius.  He’s a genius to figure that out eh?  Then it gives you a list of the various banks involved and so on.  It’s all the big ones as usual.)

Nothing will happen.  They’ll get their way.  They’ve always got their way.  When governments have to go to these same big boys and ask for loans, cap in hand… they don’t want to go down as the President or Prime Minister that bankrupted the country and they’re kicked out immediately and hated.  They don’t want that so they keep the con going and they get well rewarded too.  They also get ghost-written books for them that are ready to go a year before they even put pen to paper because someone else writes them.  They’re always guaranteed, like Bill Clinton, $40 million in advance.  There’s a good pay-off for you.  That’s not bad to start with is it?  You haven’t even left the office, haven’t even started your book and it’s finished.  [laughs]  And you’re guaranteed $40 million right off the bat.  That’s a good pay-off.  That’s how it happens.  It’s all quite legal too, by the way.  There’s no laws about it to stop it. 

As I said at the beginning of the show, the big names that came down through history as conspiracies and so on, and everybody pooh-poohed and laughed at by the mainstream… are still at it.  There’s the Rothschilds.  I’ve read the story a few months back where they’re taking over most of the farming in India for GM foods and so on and utterly polluting the lands AFTER they’d helped to crash the economy there… get the farmers off the lands and bought them all out for peanuts.  The OLD Rothschild trick.  It happens every other century and they do it very well.  This is from The Sunday Times.  Remember, Nathan Mayer Rothschild is also the one who really is behind the big carbon trading funds.  It all goes through his bank.  I read an article a few months ago where he was advocating this; that it ALL goes through his PRIVATE bank in Switzerland, the family bank, the main one where all the family’s involved.  They get their big CUT of all these carbon tradings that governments and big corporations are making a lot of money on.  Here he’s going after the roadways as well.  He wants to privatize all of Britain’s roads and no doubt in other countries as well. 

NM Rothschild pitches motorway privatisation plan
Robert Watts and Dominic O’Connell  /  From The Sunday Times August 30, 2009

A radical plan to raise £100 billion by privatising the motorway network has been presented to the three main political parties by NM Rothschild, the influential investment bank.  (A:  Again, here... Did anyone vote him in?  I mean supposing your plumber that represented your plumber’s association went forward with this. We’d laugh wouldn’t we?  Technically we should laugh at this guy because his specialty is supposedly is in just counting money, figuring out cons and doing multiple loans and so on with compound interest.  So here he is going to the government with a plan to raise all this money and he’s going to do it of course, because he wants to help the public, I’m sure.  It doesn’t say that here but he’s altruistic, I’m sure.  £100 billion by privatising the motorway network presented to the three main political parties by NM Rothschild.)

Rothschild (A:  Here’s how it’s worded in the Masonic Britain.), an architect of several privatisations (A:  Several?  I’d say a few hundred.), made its pitch in the weeks running up to the summer recess on July 21, Whitehall sources said. Bankers told leading politicians that the sale of the roads overseen by the Highways Agency — all motorways and most big trunk roads — could help revive battered public finances. (A:  [laughs] Here’s the bankers who’ve ripped off the whole country going for the next thing that they want.  It’s just astonishing.)

Toll-road companies and infrastructure funds would compete to operate and maintain stretches of the network.

In one version of the scheme, the government would pay for upkeep through a system of “shadow” tolls. (A:  Now, government doesn’t make anything.  They take your tax money.  So how could government pay?  The taxpayer would pay for the upkeep. That’s what private/public means.  through a system of “shadow” tolls… shadow tolls…) A more radical, and less politically palatable, option would be for companies to charge motorists directly through toll booths or electronic card readers. The RAC (A:  Royal Automotive Club.) Foundation, a motorists’ group, advocated privatisation in a report last week.  (A:  Well, they’re on the payroll of you know who.  The first word tells you, Royal.)

Life is a joke isn’t it?  Life is really a big joke.  The most incredible cons are pulled off in front of your eyes.  You know darned well that the government will put this up for bidding, as you well know.  Every government contract says that the lowest or highest bidders will not necessarily be accepted because - they won’t tell you this - because they’ve already chosen who it’s to go to.  Always.  ALWAYS.  Even in your local governments, that’s how it works.  They’ll sell it off for peanuts.  They’ve sold everything else that the tax payer funded and built up, for peanuts off in Britain and pretty well in the rest of the British Commonwealth countries as well.  Quite something eh?  That’s a confidence trick. 

It’s so blatant.  You see, I used to wonder why they said knights were bold.  These knights, they’re always getting knighted.  Why were they bold?  Why is there a K in front of the night, like K-Night?  But knights are bold.  It’s because they’re audacious.  That means they’ll do the audacious thing, audacity… something you’d never think of… in the heat of battle or whatever.  That’s what they do.  They’re audacious and bold.  They pull things off while we’re standing with gaping mouths saying, no one would do that.  And they do it.  It’s that simple.  That simple. 

Confidence.  Confidence tricks.  Well, the United Nations is really the most evil thing, I think, that these characters have designed in all their long histories… for takeover.  The United Nations is a Sovietized system that uses Marxian principles to bring about what they call equality… even to the extent where they’ll do reverse discrimination and say there is - I’ve read the stories, this happened in Australia - where reverse discrimination is actually good.  They can TWIST your reality and your logic until you’re upside-down in all kinds of ways.  NOT to bring in equality to but to destroy ALL that was before and all culture that existed before. 

Culture, when it was cohesive, could stand up against the big boys.  So they create chaos and then they bring out a NEW order.  That’s how it works.  Very, very… again, it’s simplistic.  Part of the United Nations, the World Health Organization, which I think really deals out more death than health because it’s all to do with population control.  The World Health Organization, in their 2006 report, SAID - I’ve read the articles before - if they create enough panic and fear amongst the public to MAKE the them all go in a certain direction, they can get them to take the shots every year.  To MAKE the herd take their shots every year.  Panic and scary scenarios…. Remember those articles I read?  ‘Give them scary scenarios,’ terrify them.  That’s what this swine flu nonsense is all about.  Here’s from The Mail Online. 

The swine flu call centres where staff have nothing to do
but play cards and Trivial Pursuit
By Tom Kelly  /  29th August 2009

Two swine flu call centres are to close just weeks after opening because staff have been spending most of their time playing cards and board games.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money (A:  That’s how much they put at this to be a big CON, you see.) has been 'squandered' after around 1,200 workers were employed to deal with the expected deluge of anxious calls.  (A:  Because they really were hyping up all this nonsense in the media.  They set up these call centers to deal with hysterical people.)

But staff said far fewer calls were made than predicted and supervisors allowed them to play cards and games such as Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly to help pass the long hours between calls.

One said that for most of the four weeks he was working at the NHS centre in Farnborough, Hampshire, each staff member took on average just two five-minute calls per eight-hour shift. (A:  10 minutes for you job for the day; that’s not bad eh?)

He said: 'The whole thing has been a fiasco. It seems to have been a complete knee-jerk reaction, set up with no real thought.  (A:  I’ll contradict that.  No.  This was set up with real thought alright because they must keep the con going.  They’re training the herd through scary scenarios to go and get your flu shots.  In 2006 World Health Organization said, if they can convince the public through mandatory stuff and threats and fear that you’ve got to take the shots, then you can start giving them shots EVERY year, NOT just for flu but for constant boosters, every year of their life for the rest of their lives.  That’s the agenda, folks.  That’s from the World Health Organization’s own web site.  I’ve got all the stuff here.)

'I can understand the Government had to prepare for the worst, but this was just ludicrous.

'They could have put these two centres into one about a quarter of the size, and still had scores of spare lines in case things got really bad. (A:  Which they never did, of course.)  They've squandered a vast amount of public money needlessly.'

The National Pandemic Flu Service  -  which comprises phone lines and a website  -  was launched last month.  (A:  Now they’re doing everything except knitting.  Nothing’s happening, but that won’t stop the agenda.  That will NOT stop the agenda.  I’ve said it before, it’s the same with the global warming fiasco.  When these guys make their plans and they get things rolling, they will never alter direction.  Even if they made them 50 years ago, they will never alter their direction.  That’s why I urge you to read the books written by the big players from the early 1900s onwards.  They outline the whole century and beyond for you.)

That’s your fiasco, the swine flu and they’re going to go ahead with it.  It’s really just to get you used to taking all different kinds of shots and again, give you cancer viruses and various diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and stuff like that, chronic fatigue.  They don’t want a healthy population now.  They’ve been complaining through the Optimum Population Trust and many other foundations, there’s just too many people and they should be thinking about DEATH, not just medical healing, but actual DEATH; making you live shorter lives.  That’s what they mean by it. 

The great United Nations… You’ve got to read the Huxleys, as I say, Julian Huxley, the first CEO of UNESCO at the United Nations.  This is from Fox News. 

U.N. Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds
Wednesday, August 26, 2009  /  By Joseph Abrams

NEW YORK —  The United Nations is recommending that children as young as five receive mandatory sexual education that would teach even pre-kindergarteners about masturbation and topics like gender violence. 

The U.N.'s Economic, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (A:  It was to make a standard culture for the world… but NOT a nice, happy one.  It’s to be a Sovietized, planned one of indoctrination.) released a 98-page report in June offering a universal lesson plan for kids ranging in age from 5-18, an "informed approach to effective sex, relationships" and HIV education that they say is essential for "all young people."  (A:  Remember, going into Huxley, he said they have to destroy marriage by promoting pre-pubertal sex and making it basically an obsession.  Well, look at television today and turn on Much-Music and you’ll see teeny-boppers, little children, dancing to it.)

The U.N. insists the program is "age appropriate," but critics say it's exposing kids to sex far too early, and offers up abstract ideas — like "transphobia" — they might not even understand.  (A:  No kidding.)

"At that age they should be learning about ... the proper name of certain parts of their bodies," said Michelle Turner, president of Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, "certainly not about masturbation."

Turner was disturbed by UNESCO's plans to explain to children as young as nine about the safety of legal abortions, and to advocate and "promote the right to and access to safe abortion" for everyone over the age of 15.

These are IDEOLOGY, political ideology that’s being taught here.  When it comes to abortions, it’s nothing to do with… don’t get involved in individual stories and emotions.  You won’t see the forest for the trees. Their plan is to bring in a stage where you’ll have to get permission to have a child at all.  Not because you’re a good or bad parent, by the way, but if you’ve got the right genes.  It’s eugenics.  You have to devalue human life.  That was something that Julian Huxley said, the first CEO of UNESCO.  Get them to devalue human life and it could be brought about by starting abortions and then euthanasia for the elderly and what they call ‘the unfit,’ people who have psychiatric problems or could have mental abnormalities.  That’s already been done, by the way.  People are being aborted for that already.  Back with more after these messages.

This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just finishing up with UNESCO and their latest plans.  I read something too, about 2 years ago where they wanted this kind of stuff to be taught IN THE CLASSROOMS, where they actually DO IT in the classrooms.  That’s to create a sort of orgiastic society, the kind the Plato talked about in The Republic, to an extent, where all women would be ‘in common’.  In other words, every woman would be a walking prostitute, basically…  without needing a reward for it.  That’s pretty well happened today if you haven’t noticed.  Do you think that happened by itself? 

Nothing happens by itself.  All morality is either made by the culture as a preserving influence, for survival.  When that’s all destroyed you get what you have today.  That’s all you see on television… is just sex, sex, sex.  Of course they won’t bond with anyone.  That’s the main reason for it; they won’t bond with a mate for life and they won’t have children.  That’s what it’s all about. 

Here’s another one here, to finish off how silly and stupid it all gets once the government gets into action.  Hairdressers.  This is from The Evening Star.

Hairdressers in terror alert
ROSS BENTLEY  /  8/25/2009

ANTI-terror police are quizzing hundreds of hairdressers in Suffolk to see if they are storing peroxide which the authorities fear could be used to make a terrorist bomb.

The inquiry which involves checking every salon in the county is to find out how much of the chemical - which is used in hair bleaching - is being stored and if it is being kept in a safe place.

Barbers and stylists are being asked where they get their supplies from, how much they use, where it is kept and if their premises have CCTV or are fitted with a burglar alarm.

The hairdressers are also being urged to report any theft of peroxide to police immediately.

But busy Sudbury barber Lee Haynes said: "I thought it was a wind-up when I got a phone call and they said they were involved in a police anti-terrorism check.

“They wanted to know how much peroxide I had got on the premises and whether it was kept under lock and key.

“We hardly use the stuff here but I was told that unless I gave full details they would send an officer round to check."

The chemical is part of the colouring or bleaching process but most women's salons - where it is most commonly used - would probably get through less than a litre a week

A spokesman for Suffolk police defended the survey being carried out under the guidance of the force's counter-terrorism unit. 

Why don’t they do the same for these guys as they do with the ones that were working on the flu information centers where they’re playing Monopoly and cards?  Why don’t they just give them board games to play?  Because they can’t find terrorism.  They got to go creating it or looking for it.  Everything is such a FARCE today.  Utter farce.  Very expensive farces but that’s okay because you’ll all pay for it, you see.  Incredible isn’t it?  You create a police state across the whole planet, and when nothing’s happening they’re going through salons and barber shops to count liters of peroxide for bleaching hair.  They could pick anything, you know.  Anything at all… in your kitchen and do the same thing with your homes.  That will be next.  That will be next too.  Or even see if you’ve got matches.  Maybe, eventually, you’ll have to get a license to have matches.  Wouldn’t that be something?  Why not?  …in the world of make believe that we all live in here, anything’s possible when they’re on a roll.  After all, we’ve swallowed enough in the past, haven’t we?  Whole sewages… seas of sewage we’ve swallowed.  Well, no wonder they’re laughing at us at the very top.  They’re laughing and laughing and laughing at us.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada - where I do need your donations to come in - it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.

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