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Duerma Con Imanes

A Long, Long Time Ago

The Earth was surrounded by a much stronger Magnetic Field than which exists today. Scientists have been recording the strength of the Earth's Magnetic Field over the last 155 years. The decline has also been determined by measurement of decrease of the north-south orientation of magnetite crystals in deposits which have occurred at known times in history such as in volcanic flows and sediments. The standard unit of measurement of magnetic fields is a "Gauss."

Earth's Magnetic Field
2,000 B.C. - 4.0 Gauss
Today - 0.4 Gauss

(can vary slightly with location and time)

Necessary to Life

We are all very much aware of our constant need for air, water, and food! However, the need for the Earth's magnetic force to maintain health was not recognized until the advent of space travel. Early Cosmonauts were found to have experienced up to 80% bone calcium LOSS and severe muscle cramps when in space and above the Earth's magnetic field for extended periods. This was subsequently corrected by implementing a magnetic field within each space craft.
In addition, scientists have discovered that the magnetic field of the Earth is cyclic, with die-outs of biological life forms occurring is times of Magnetic Field decline and reversals. These die-outs have been confirmed through studies of deep core samples taken from the ocean floor.

Historic Uses

References to the early use of the forces of magnetism in the healing arts are found in most civilizations of the world. The first usage is recorded by the Chinese in the book "Yellow Emperor's Book Of Internal Medicine" which was written approximately 2,000 B.C. Reference is made to the use of Magnetism in conjunction with the practice of acupuncture.

Ancient Hindu scriptures, Egyptian and Persian history, and Tibetan monk practices indicate therapeutic lodestone (magnetic) usage. For example: Cleopatra is claimed to have worn a lodestone on her forehead to prevent aging; famous Persian physician Ali Abbas, about 1,000 A.D., describes using magnetism to relieve spasms and gout; and Galen, the legendary Greek physician, author, and educator, referred to magnetism as an excellent purgative.

More modern contributions to scientific and medical knowledge of electrical and magnetic energy were made by William Gilbert, private physician to Queen Elizabeth I, Volta, Galvani, and Mesmer. Mesmer, in fact, was particularly noted for successful treatment of a variety of ills in the mid-1700's.

Beginning of Modern Research

"Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome" was identified in Japan by Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa, MD, in the late 1950's. It is characterized by symptoms such as: Lack of Energy, Insomnia, Generalized Aches and Pains, Upper Back and Neck Stiffness, Frequent Headaches, Dizziness, Constipation, etc. These symptoms seem to closely correlate with the general description of many cases of what is commonly referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Dr. Nakagawa determined that symptoms of Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome were usually relieved by an external application of a magnetic field to the patient. Today, more than 30 million Japanese use therapeutic magnetic devices.

Current Health Uses Of Magnetism

* Pulsed Direct Current Magnetic Therapy. This technology is commonly used by Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, and Sports Trainers for relief of deep muscle pain, stiffness, arthritic symptoms and other related problems.
* Direct Current Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy. Used by Orthopedic Surgeons in cases of non-healing and slow-healing bone fractures - speeds healing time dramatically.
* Hospital Diagnostic Tests - MRI, MED, MKG, SQUID. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine is a valuable diagnostic tool used for visualizing the body's internal organs such as the brain and liver, etc. MRI machines use up to 40,000 Gauss.
BioMagnetic Theory By Dr. Dean R. Bonlie
The Earth's Magnetic Field has DECREASED by approximately 90% over the last 4,000 years. This Geomagnetic field is an Essential Environmental Factor for Life and Health on this planet. The human body has adapted to this loss of natural energy, but it seems a reasonable assumption that there wold be a corresponding Loss of Physiological Vitality and Efficiency in all the functions of the body. "By placing the body in a restored, pure, NEGATIVE (-) only Magnetic Field equal in strength to that of the Earth 4,000 years ago, I theorize that overall body performance should be greatly enhanced."
Effect of Geomagnetic Field on the Human Body
The human body is electro-magnetic by design, being composed largely of charged particles such as atoms, electrons, protons, and ions (e.g., potassium, sodium, calcium, etc.). these all perform vital life functions.

Consider how the following basic principles of Physics regarding geomagnetic (directional fields) affect atoms in that field.

When the field in increased, there will be a temporary increase in electromagnetic force, or charge, on the atom which will result in a higher velocity of some of the orbiting electrons and protons (primarily outer ring unpaired electrons).

This increase in velocity of some electrons and protons and not others will cause precession, or wobble, of the atom, leading to enhanced electron transfer.

Enhanced electron transfer is the basic action in all chemical reactions of the body.


In Summary: An increase of the geomagnetic field (which is a directional magnetic field) acts as a catalyst to improve chemical reactions occurring in the human body. This should improve ALL body functions. Examples are: Oxygen carrying capacity, assimilation of nutrients, manufacture of enzymes, metabolic waste removal, reduction of free radicals, tissue regeneration, and healing.

Increased Geomagnetic Fields =
Enhancement of Body Chemistry

Magnetic (or cyclotronic) resonances of body tissues is also improved by increased electron velocity, making an even HIGHER level of chemical activity possible.

By applying the above principle to human physiology, it wold be expected that ALL chemical and electrical functions of the body would be improved. Some examples are:

  • Faster diffusion of ions and gases throughout the cellular membranes (especially the lungs and circulatory system)
  • Increased lymphocyte production

Benefits Substantiate Theory

As reported by individuals sleeping regularly on the MagnetiCo Negative Polarity Sleep Pad:
  • Up to 30% increase in the ability of the body to pick up and use inhaled oxygen.
  • Major increase in strength and endurance.
  • Up to 80% reduction in muscle soreness after major workouts. (From performance records of pro athletes).
  • Most arthritics experience relief from pain and related symptoms
  • Most chronic headaches relieved.
  • Many sleep disorders relieved.
  • Many feel more energized and require less sleep.
  • Many report improved resistance to disease (colds, flu, etc.)

Scientific Validation
Amazing Red Blood Cell Studies
Before MagnetiCo Sleep Pad

Note the clumping of red blood cells, typical of stress, health problems or fatigue. Being fatigued by the end of the day is a normal situation for nearly everyone and can now be explained as a 'loss of charge' on the body's cells.

After 20 Minutes On MagnetiCo Sleep Pad

With increased Negative (-) Polarity magnetic field supplementation, chemical reactions throughout the body are enhanced, building up the charge on cell walls. The cells will then REPEL each other, eliminating the clumping. With more surface area available, the oxygen-carrying capacity of the cells is greatly increased.

Pulse oximeter tests also confirm substantial increases in oxygen saturation levels in the blood of individuals who had 20-minute sessions on the MagnetiCo Sleep Pad.

Natural Magnetic Fields vs Electromagnetic Fields
Natural Magnetic Fields. There are produced by Permanent Magnets and are completely safe and 100% natural sources of energy. Large and small magnets of this type have been used safely in industry for years. There are no known harmful exposure levels and no limitations by governmental agencies.

Electromagnetic Fields. Unfortunately, many people confuse Natural Permanent Magnetic Fields used in the MagnetiCo Sleep Pads with Alternating Current (AC) Electro-Magnetic Fields produced by power lines and electrical machines, appliances, and a myriad of other devices. These electromagnetic (AC) fields are both Positive (+) and Negative (-) with a frequency of 60 cycles per second. This is 7.66 times TOO FAST for the average body organ resonance frequency of 7.83 (the Schumann resonance) and can cause major CELL FATIGUE over time. The enhanced Negative (-) only field of the MagnetiCo Sleep Pad helps counteract the affects of electromagnetic (EMF) field pollution to your body.

MagnetiCo Survey Results

This survey was taken in 1993 of 100 persons randomly selected who had slept on a MagnetiCo
Sleep Pad for over seven months. The number of participants by age grouping are as follows:

95% of ARTHRITICS received at least 25% PAIN RELIEF
75% of ARTHRITICS received at least 50% PAIN RELIEF

92% of INSOMNIACS were sleeping 25% BETTER
70% of INSOMNIACS were sleeping 50% BETTER

41% reported a noticeable INCREASE IN ENERGY

91% of these MagnetiCo Sleep Pad owners were WELL-PLEASED with the overall results they obtained.

This survey was taken of 100 persons randomly selected who had slept on a
MagnetiCo Sleep Pad for over seven months. The number of participants by
age grouping are as follows:

0 - 50
51 - 70

Common Reasons People Purchase
the MagnetiCo Sleep Pad

63 out of 100 purchased the Pad for relief of Arthritic symptoms
13 out of 100 were interested in help for sleep problems
24 out of 100 received Significant help with the following conditions

Poor Blood Circulation
Migraine Headaches
 High Blood Pressure
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Varicose Veins
Back Injuries

The Inventor of
the MagnetiCo Sleep Pad

Dr. Dean R. Bonlie graduated with Honors from Loma Linda University in Southern California. His questioning mind soon got him involved in active research resulting in the development of a number of advanced dental products. Subsequently, he became intrigued and fascinated with the relatively unexplored topic of the effects of magnetism on the human body. His research convinced him that tapping into this natural energy source could be a wonderful means of improving the quality of life.
Dr. Bonlie's magnetic sleep pad design (patented) employs a unique concept: It is the ONLY design of sleep pad engineered to produce a Pure NEGATIVE (-) Magnetic Field...equivalent to that of the Earth 4,000 years ago.
His MagnetiCo Sleep Pad allows you to 'power-sleep' in a cocoon of 100% all natural energy, supplementing and compensating for the Earth's drastically diminished magnetic field.
The MagnetiCo Sleep Pad can be used CONTINUOUSLY...your body does NOT need a 'rest' from it...as it is properly engineered according to all geomagnetic and physiological principles. NOTE: The human body DOES require a 'rest' from the use of OTHER magnetic pads which all use Positive (+), mixed Positive (+) and Negative (-), or incorrectly designed Negative (-) fields.
Exception: Person with Pacemakers can not use a magnetic sleep pad as it will interrupt the function of the pacemaker.

In A Cocoon Of Restored Magnetism

Powerful Magnets Laminated
In High-Tech Foam

Same Magnetic Core In TOP and INNER POWER Models
Permanent Ceramic Magnets - 3950 Gauss Mfrs Rating


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